Memorial Day – remembering What?

This Memorial Day, I invite you to widen your remembrances: from those who have given their lives in conflicts to the whole of Nature.  The more I study Feng Shui, the more I realize that real prosperity comes from such study. Nature in it’s essence is abundant. The ancient Chinese studied the way Nature moved through a space and then cooperated and synergized with it, learning the subtleties the natural world presented.  By cooperating and augmenting those energies, they increased the bounty of the people they helped.  It is no different today.  Finding what blocks the flow, what is antagonistic, what energies remain in a place all can be moderated, redirected, eradicated. So Monday, take a moment to look in your garden – notice how the weeds want to crowd your plants out.  Notice how some plants do not like to be around other plants. Others, given some attention, bloom more vigorously than if left alone.  All this is the Feng Shui of the natural world.  Be grateful, as the lessons continue to present themselves.  Happy Memorial Day!

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