Getting out of the box

A few lights seem to be coming on in the business world. The icon of great office furniture, Herman Miller, is starting to realize that the cubicle, a design pioneered by Miller, tends to isolate and objectify workers.   A small movement (may it grow and grow quickly) is happening, a movement to get a more natural relationship for people who work together. Tres Birds Workshop was commissioned to concept, design and build an art installation in Downtown Denver. The purpose? To encourage people get out of their offices for daily fresh air breaks. “We highly recommend it.  It’s wonderful to see that more people are realizing the more we make workers feel like they are filed in storage lockers, and then free them into collaborative relationships, the more we can create harmony and productivity.”  All the vegetation used in the installation was reused and/or recycled afterwards – including the furniture!

Another forward thinker is proudcing a movie “Three Walls” about just how wrong boxing people into cubicles is. You can watch a preview at

Where did Feng Shui orginate? Observing the ways of Nature. Hmmmm.