BTB Feng Shui

In today’s environment, we are affected by many more unseen energies than in the past. Consider cell phones, WiFi, infrared, magnetics and EMF radiation. Unlike other Feng Shui traditions, BTB fully incorporates these in any consultation. It means a scientific analysis of these damaging energies and how to moderate or eliminate them.

Study the world around you in its most natural state. Nature is continually fluctuating, adapting to environmental and seasonal changes to maintain balance and harmony. Our physical surroundings have a profound effect on each part of our lives. The Western mind teaches us to live in a dualistic world filled with competing opposites – night opposes day, dark opposes light, hot opposes cold, negative opposes positive. Such dualistic patterns serve to disconnect us with our natural surroundings rather than live with them in harmony. The art of BTB Feng Shui (Black Sect Feng Shui) focuses on enhancing your environment by uniquely adapting the ancient principles to western cultures. Traditional schools focus on complex computations or geographic features. BTB uses what’s most suited for each situation without being dogmatic. The results are positive and powerful.

Considered to be the most adaptable and flexible school of Feng Shui, BTB Feng Shui provides simple, practical solutions for designing living and working environments that are harmoniously integrated into your personal style of working and living.

Sugeet uses BTB as a guiding tool when working a space. His background and finely tuned aesthetics, as well as his keen intuition, means spaces are changed – transformed. The results must be experienced to be understood. Pictures don’t convey what’s happened, they only show the outer.