Chinese New Year – The Year of the Rabbit

If you live in an area with a Chinese community, chances are they will be celebrating this weekend as the Year of the Rabbit takes over from the Year of the Tiger.  Try to attend these celebrations and observe that everything being done has some symbolic meaning.  These don’t always translate well into our Western culture, but they may help you understand the rich complexity of this ancient culture. And perhaps, in your own heart, welcome the Year of the Rabbit – it bodes well for those of us who align our spirit with the wonderful Rabbit.

Traditional Feng Shui objects

Recently a student of Feng Shui appeared at my door wanting to buy various Feng Shui objects.  He was disappointed that I did not carry these as a favor to my clients. But I find such things unnecessary to invoke the full effect of a powerful Feng Shui analysis and correction.  In fact,in my experience it is often more effective to use the Five Elements and their interactions for correcting unfavorable situations. Moreover, when done in good taste, the cures add to the beauty of both business and home.

Chinese restaurants are often decorated with all sorts of Feng Shui symbols, and that probably keeps the owners mindful to intend good fortune.  But it is not a requirement. Beauty calls forth it’s own favorable Feng Shui.  Play with it and see what results you get.