Thoughts on the Year of the Tiger

It occurs to me that yesterday’s posting was strong.  And well it should be, as this is a Metal Tiger year.  What does that mean?  In its simplest form, each sign is affected by the system called Five Elements Theory.  Each element either moderates or strengthens another element.

Wood feeds fire.  Water douses fire. One element supports, the other moderates or negates.  When we look at a Metal Tiger, know the following: metal will moderate or stop growth (seems we already know that – look at the world’s economies.)  That stifling effect ripples out into other parts of our world.  But metal supports liquidity and flexibility.

So the message is clear: one needs to remain supple but grounded so if things go awry, you can shift as needed.  Don’t expect huge development and growth, but, like the hippies say “Go with the flow Man!”