10 Pounds in a 5 pound bag

We’ve all heard the expression and probably had a laugh around it. Sad to say, deep down we know it’s true of almost every hour of our lives these days. There’s just too much to get through in any 24 hour period. And the “To Do” list keeps getting things added to it faster than we can knock off the top contenders.

It appears that every aspect of our culture says “more, more.” When so much of “more” looks like it might be good – what’s a body to do?

I’m going to suggest that the first step is to take stock. How much am I trying to fit into an already full filing clutterschedule?  This awareness is something many of us shy away from – we’d rather keep slogging than face up to the fact that TOO MUCH is TOO MUCH.  How do you know? Write down all the things you want to/will/might/could accomplish this week. One week. That’s all.

Not just at work and not just at home. How about socially? What distractions will we use to ‘get away from it all’? What are we trying to do with family? Friends? Business? Don’t leave anything out.

There are wonderful ways to find out if we are caught on a hamster wheel going nowhere. Next blog I’ll share some tools to assess the use of time. I’ll suggest some techniques that result is getting done the most important and rewarding things to us.

In order to go to this next step, please do the exercise above – it’s the first tactic to separate us from the rat race and starting to reclaim our life.  Give it a go!  Feel free to leave a comment below. What you have to share helps everyone else who reads this.