Solutions For Business:  A thorough analysis of your problem areas and corrections to facilitate the business improvment you want to see.  Full set of recommendations to transform the business into a healthy, vibrant, functioning profit center, including personnel and merchandise placement. Many facets of your business will be positively affected.

Solutions For the Home: A room by room analysis, using the BaGua energy map.  Full explanation of why each correction is being given, as well as cures for imbalances and a complete EMF (electro magnetic frequency) testing, dowsing for and clearing of negative energies.

Solutions for Plan Review:  When building or remodeling it’s critical that you find and make all corrections in layout BEFORE hammer meets nail. Correcting things later can get Very Expensive.  In this case being penny wise means avoiding being pound foolish.

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Solutions for the Home/Business for Sale:  You only get one chance to make a first impression and that impression will determine if you have a lookeyloo or a potential buyer. There is choice here, the full enchilada, or the quick budget version. There is more than what your realtor knows…

Solutions for Staging: We walk your home and I’ll tell you what needs to be removed, what needs to be rearranged, and how to present the rooms for their best advantage.  This can also be for a home where the furniture has already been moved out. You could have someone replace your furniture, or . . .

Solutions for Energy Clearing and blessing:  Similar to washing your clothes, this process learns where energy in your home is stagnant, or chaotic, or negative, and neutralizes it so that you home is nourishing, welcoming and the way you’ve wanted it to feel. It may seem superfluous, but  . .

Solutions for For the Renter:  Similar to a home analysis based on the BaGua energy map, we create your space to maximize your desires and intentions.  Includes any needed energy clearing. Then there’s the left over energy from previous occupants. . .

Solutions for Site Analysis: Considering buying and building?  The lay of the land and the energy it carries is very important.  An on site visit will let you know if this is a good place to build or if you should keep looking. . . There are aspects to land most people don’t see or feel . . .

Solutions for Landscaping: Understated elegance can not only set off your home/business’s strong points, but can enhance your enjoyment, attract people, and function as you want. It might seem simple at first but there’s a lot more to it.

Solutions for Land Blessing:  The property we own, or are thinking of buying, often has residual energies from past owners.  These can range from ‘dead zones’ where plants will not grow to chaotic spots where nothing seems to hold still and it can all be cleaned up with the proper blessing.

The Colors:  A consultation to choose the right colors to produce the effect you want. Some people repaint and then have to repaint. And then repaint once again.

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