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This month I’m starting a series of cures/changes that can positively affect your living space.  This will happen in my eZine, which comes out about the first of every month. I use appropriate photos as well as case histories to illustrate what I’m talking about.  These are things you can do without the services of a Feng Shui Master.  I’m also going over those indications where you will need help, so you do what you can, and if you want stronger results, you know who to call.  The issue will be out in a couple of days, so subscribe now so as to not miss the introductory issue.

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Planting, Cleaning, Feng Shui

This time of year I find myself pulling all sorts of flotsam and jetsam from the garden.  Then I remember that all the dead stuff is as much a part of the cycle as water is for growth.  No yin, no yang.  So what are we to do – what would Feng Shui have to say?

Simply break up the dead material into as fine pieces as you can and use them as compost.  Breaking them up synergistically helps them break down into nutrients for living plants and soil.  For the weeds which are trying to take over the world, put those into a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with water. Weight it down with a stone and let it rest for 3 days.  Then pour the water onto you living plants.  This weed tea is a valuable fertilizer that costs you nothing.  You can then add the “tea leaves” to the compost pile.

Remember, using chemical fertilizers and weed killer, you destroy the life of the soil.  Which means a) you must always use more and more chemical fertilizer because the soil can no longer do it’s work; and b) you have just decimated an entire living ecosystem in the interests of instant results.  It’s not the way Nature works, it shouldn’t be the way you work.

What’s Feng Shui about this?  You are using everything to build better nourishment and health.  You are cleaning out a space, but not discarding, rather recycling.  The results is aesthetically more beautiful and far more nourishing.  That’s what the correct use of Feng Shui can do – so see you in the garden?

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Philosophy, mathmatics & Feng Shui

I recently saw a most amazing film,  Between the Folds, a movie, I thought, that was about origami or paper folding.  Taking a flat single piece of paper and with no cutting, no gluing,  nothing but folding, changing it into a three dimensional object.  Little did I realize this is only the surface, just as hanging a crystal from the ceiling in Feng Shui is just the surface of a profound subject of study.  By the end of the film, one starts to grok that the implications manifested by the simple act of folding paper can affect our knowledge of the way the Universe works, offering profound changes in mathematics education, seriously  influencing the development of new drugs.  The possibilities are staggering – literally.

And how is this Feng Shui?  Quite simply, the deeper I go into Feng Shui and it’s relationship to the natural world, the more profound I find it to be.  It’s very much like music by Bach – seemingly pleasant and innocuous at first listening, then “unfolding” into the work of pure genius.  The short preview online for the film (use the link above) gives only the most surface glance.  Try to get a hold of a copy – you will want to introduce it to your local school system, you will want young people to see it, and you will have a new understanding of wonderfully complex seemingly simple things can be.  I’d love to hear your comments.

Wikipedia has a couple of interesting articles on origami which you may also want to check out.


Origami planes to be launched from space

The Ashland Independent Film Festival

OK – so I left Feng Shui for the past 5 days and lived in celluloid land, working as a volunteer for 5 days.  Great time.  Nothing vey Feng Shui to say about it, but  Bill Plymton, the animator, gave a neat presentation and I thought you might want to check it out, so here’s the link.  Enjoy

Plymton’s talk