Does your closet need a diet?

Has your closet gotten bigger with the passing of time? I’m talking about even those who remove the winter clothes and replace them with the spring & summer duds. Taken together they amount to an ever expanding closet. Why not use a diet plan for your closet?

You may have to invite a friend over so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Here are a few tips to slim down your over abundance of clothes/shoes.Christmas wrapping, dead gifts, etc.,etc..messy-closet

• Invite a bunch of girl friends over for a clothing exchange. Make yourself a deal, you set out things you can let go of and you promise only to take half that number back. 12 out, max 6 in. Newer clothes, less in closet.

• Pull everything from the closet and organize it into piles. You’ll quickly see how many duplicates you have. Take the duplicates to the consignment shop, but if they don’t take them, give them to a hospice boutique or St. Vincent de Paul.

• Create the unbreakable rule that for every new piece of clothing that comes home, one (better 2!) must leave. Not stored–Leave!

Let me know your results, what walls you run into, what worked. We can all share this and help one another to thin our closets.