How to use Receding or Emerging

catducksThe #animal world can teach us so much about good and bad feng shui.  Most animals have an innate sense of what’s good and what’s not. (here’s short video I did about our four legged feng shui masters.. But a friend posted a visual essay which shows just how masterful the world of #owls are at disguise. In their case, it is the same a Joe Remington and his #camouflage suit going out to hunt elk or deer – you don’t want to be seen so you can capture what you are hunting. Owls do us one better, they can flight without making any sound, which means they can hear mice under ground or in the grass and theme can’t hear them! What’s the lesson here? What do you want to do with the energy in a room, or a business? Up it? Calm it? Quiet it? Make it more lively?  You can do it all using some of the subtle tools of feng shui.  And the result doesn’t need to look like Chow Fun’s carryout!  Not sure how to get there? Give Sugeet a call (541 488-1777) and leave a message. The conversation will explore what might need to happen to get you what you want!