Home Transformation – Readying a Home for Sale

Our house truly “sparkles” due to your guidance. You sensed the personality of the structure and made it come alive. The colors you selected throughout every room are positive and peaceful. People of every age and gender visit and exclaim that they love what we have done to our home!We had struggled for months on what direction to take to update our house and make it marketable in the economy. The portfolio you compiled after your initial walk around helped us set priorities and find materials at a reasonable price ahead of time. We appreciated how you honestly inquired about the bottom line and work within our budget. Your expertise and experience helped us find reasonable products and achieve amazing results “Wet & Forget” is an example of a great product for moss removal. The painter you recommended was neat, detailed and within our budget. We appreciate the numerous times you drop by to check how things were progressing.Our plan is to sell our home this spring and downsize. We are definitely planning to use your services in the future when we build or purchase our new home. We are so glad we made that initial call to you. Our house changed and so did we. Color and balance have a whole new meaning. You are truly an inspiration!

Jim & Sara McNeil
Medford, OR

Increasing the Sales Price

Thanks for helping us get the house ready for sale. It was a joy to work with you. When we had different taste or values initially, we were able to work together in a way that satisfied both of us. And the final result included things we never would have imagined would work so well. It turned out more beautiful than our expectations or even what we could have imagined. In fact, the pictures taken for the brochure looked like something out of Sunset Magazine–even better!Our realtor said it made her job a lot easier. Other realtors were very impressed with the way it showed. Your knowledge and understanding of Feng Shui contributed powerful and subtle changes that really paid off when showing and selling. We know influenced people on an unconscious level and substantially increased the value of the property.We had realtors give us their estimate both before you began and after you finished. The difference with several hundred housing dollars more–many times our investment in your services in supervision of the interior cost. Even better, the house sold in two months at full price!
We appreciated the work so much we had you do our new house. We just love living here after the color and design work you supervised.
Thanks again for all your help,

Rod & Brooks Newton
Ashland, OR

Changing the Design for a new business's headquarters

When I decided to build my own office from the ground up, a business advisor suggested I look into Feng Shui. Not knowing anything about Feng Shui, I asked for a referral and was directed to Sugeet.He turned my original design around, made several minor adjustments and came up with a very workable design. The color choices were bright and numerous, we pared the colors to six and toned them down a bit.The finished product is bright, energetic, sophisticated and fun. His fingerprints are all over the office and I love the environment. I believe my employees are motivated and inspired by the investment I’ve made in their workplace.Yes, I came with an open mind and the final cost was greater than I budgeted but it was my choice. Explore, enjoy, pick, and choose the details you wish to incorporate and leave those you don’t. Sugeet offers suggestions with reason, not high pressure tactics.I would encourage any business owner to make the investment and explore the opportunity Sugeet has to offer.

Tom Pepple
Retail Profit Systems
Medford & Portland, OR

Plan Review prior to construction/remodeling

Dear Sugeet,
There’s been a real pleasure working with you over the years on our house design projects.
In the midst of our planning stages, we attempted to read books about Feng Shui, only to be frustrated by the complexity. We decided it best to consult an expert. Your ability to look at our designers plans and discern where the problem areas are and explain the concepts of feng shui in a way we can understand has been a tremendous help. Your knowledge of home design and building made your ideas to correct or remedy the problem areas easy to carry out.
As a professional, you are dedicated to following the job through to the end. Since we live in California, it has been very helpful that you are willing to work a long distance with us through long phone conversations and e-mails (and even snail mail occasionally). In addition, you have a warm, patience and sense of humor that is very refreshing, and makes it easy to work closely with you on a project.
We will be happy to recommend you to anyone looking to make their own home comfortable and full of positive energy and their life the best it can be!
Warm regards,

Jim & Sherry Atkinson
Santa Barbara, CA

P. S. Please keep the e-newsletters coming. They are great!

Home sells in a down market

We had to sell our house at the worst possible time when the housing market is at an all time low. There are over 3,000 homes for sale within Jackson County – an all time high. Even our realtor said she was telling people if you don’t have to sell now – don’t. The odds were so against us but my husband had taken a job in another state so we had to jump into the fray no matter what.
My first thought was to contact Sugeet whom I’d met at Chamber of Commerce meetings. I really liked his style and what he had to say about Feng Shui. He listened to what I wanted and then inspected the house. He checked for bad or negative energies. Within a couple of days he had a full report outlining all of his recommendations, complete with photos of the rooms to add clarification.It was a long list and he said the more I did on the list the better my chances were of selling. I did just about everything on the list (which included “take a bulldozer” to my son’s room). We put the house on the market, had the realtor tour and waited.
After about 3 weeks in a dead market we had a looker and would you believe they loved the house and bought it within the week.I’m still in shock and am amazed at our success. Sugeet not only provides tangible suggestions that you can see and do, but he also recommends intangibles as well. It’s all quite amazing and wonderful. It’s nice to know that I’m leaving a house filled with positive energy for the new owners.Thank you Sugeet. Feng Shui is incredibly powerful.

Gwen Haynes
Medford, OR & Sacramento, CA

The Caravan of Realtors doesn’t want to leave

We decided to sell our home early in 2007 when the housing market was at an all time low and an all time high in inventorry. We invited Sugeet to come over and give us some of his ideas. He was a complete delight to work with and we thank him so much for his assistance.Sugeet helped us stage our home to be more appealing for potential buyers. He spent time in each room and then talked with us about some suggestions. Not only was Sugeet a pleasure to work with, he gave us the best suggestions and rearranged some of the furniture, making the most eye appealing groupings. He had great ideas not only inside the home, but outside as well. None of his suggestions were outrageous, mostly just simple touches. We followed his suggestions and loved how the house looked. Some of the furniture rearrangements seemed so obvious, that we wondered why we hadn’t thought of any of them during the 11 years we had been in our home.The house sold within 2 months, something rather unheard of in a real estate market like we were in. The new owners not only loved the house they wanted to buy many of our furnishings.We are huge fans of Sugeet and his abilities to make your surroundings more pleasureable. He is assisting us in our new home and its office.If you haven’t had Sugeet help you, you are definitely needing to do so. You are also in for a big treat! He has a wonderful sense of humor, and a very gentle demeanor. We love working with him and you will too!Thank you Sugeet

Gordon & Mariann Roda
Ashland, OR

Minimal changes produce maximum harmony

I have known Sugeet for four years. Two years ago I bought a two year old home and asked Sugeet if he would come and see what my home needed to be balanced energetically and in terms of the placement of my furniture. He made a few, what I would call minor suggestions and I told him I wanted more. He told me to live with the changes and ‘feel into’ if more was better. Sugeet also suggested the addition of a few select pieces of furniture and where to place them when I found what I liked.I have been living with his ‘few changes’ and I would not change anything. My home is energetically balanced, warm, open and peaceful. Sugeet knew exactly what was needed to create for me what I wanted and once again proved that less was more.

Lenn Snyder, M.Ed, LCSW
Optimal Intimacy

The Quality of work done

Sugeet is the best feng shui practitioner I’ve worked with. (I have experience of four, over the years.) His approach is fun and flexible and doesn’t require you to hang Chinese doodads all over your house – it works with your style and aesthetic. I had a consultation with Sugeet a few months after I moved into my current house in Seattle. He spent alot of time listening and focused on my concerns about my house and life. He immediately perceived several problems with energy flow – things that I knew intuitively but needed validated. He pointed out other important things about the space I’d never considered but that were right on.The improvements he suggested to make the environment more harmonious were both innovative and creative. Some were for small things I could do right away, some for larger projects I could undertake when I chose. The house blessing felt really good – clearing the energy of a hundred-year-old house of previous owners and tenants! He also followed up with a written report with photos and reminders of the changes I had decided to undertake first. He’s great!

Anne Hoff
Certified Advanced Rolfer
Craniosacral Work
Seattle, WA

God is in the details

I hired Creative Visions as a consultant on a lawyer’s office and law library that I was designing. Sugeet worked with my initial design and made suggestions that resulted in substantial improvements. The client is very happy with his new space. Sugeet was easy to get along with and gentle in his approach, and his ideas made sense and contributed significantly to the overall efficiency of the space. I recommend that any architect consider including Creative Visions in the design team for projects that require special attention to detail.

Heiland Hoff, Principal Architect
Heiland Hoff Architecture
Specializing in Winery, Commercial and Residential Projects
Talent, OR

Creating Harmony and Nourishment at home

Thank you so much for your work on our new home. When we moved in I was ill for a very long time. This put a strain on our marriage and family. The main reasons we contacted you is for a more loving environment for our marriage; as well as our connection with our 1 1/2 year old boy. Both our home and family are very important to us.I have a home business and needed a place conducive to work.I cannot explain how many changes have taken place since you left and we started working on all of your suggestions!My business is flourishing and our family unit is tighter. At Christmas, nobody fought!I swapped the office and Trent’s room. His room is cozier than before and yes, he now plays in his room (which he never did when it was in the other room!)Our master bedroom is so peaceful now. I painted as you suggested. We moved the furniture and we sleep so much better now!One of the most amazing things happened outside on a sunny afternoon when we did the blessing of the land. Jason held our son Trent. As we walked the blessing, Trent just bellowed with laughter! I don’t know what energy he was noticing but every time we threw the birdseed he would laugh so loud the neighbors could probably hear! It was an amazing thing.
So, thank you for all you have done for us. Jason wasn’t a huge “believer” in Feng Shui when I first brought up the idea but he swears by it now! We deeply appreciate all you have done for our home and our family. You helped make it a better environment of love and happiness. We cannot wait until Spring when you come and check out the outside of our place and give us some tips.
Thank you,

Jamie & Jason Bowers
Medford, OR

Feng Shui my job?

I brought Creative Visions in to help me with the design and layout of my new office building. I was pleased with the results, as was my staff (which has now more than doubled.) When Sugeet offered classes to clear clutter, I was interested but could not fit it into my schedule. Instead we had a series of private coaching sessions. He applied Feng Shui to my position. Between the two of us we devised a plan not only to clear the clutter, but to allow me to realize my desire how I want to run Retail Profit Systems. I had no idea Feng Shui could be applied to a work position, but now realize just how valuable it can be.

Tom Pepple
Retail Retail Profit Systems
Medford & Portland, OR

Simple changes make this business take off

As you know, we have been following your Feng Shui recommendations for about 2 months now. I am totally impressed with the results. Our office/alternative medical clinic is quite transformed — professional yet very peaceful to work in. Since it is in our home, it is extremely important that our home be tranquil. This can be difficult while homeschooling a 14 and a 10 year old. Yet since your blessings our home life has been much more peaceful. Best yet, our income has doubled! We seem to be receiving clients who appreciate and enjoy our work. Many of these clients are spreading the word to their Western medical doctors, who are in turn expressing interest in our work. What a change! What I am enjoying greatly is a renewed interest on both mine and my husband’s part in the beauty we create in our home. We’ve been remodeling for so long — 5 years — that we’ve forgotten to clear the junk and create the beauty possible in this setting.
I also appreciate that your approach to Feng Shui is not hanging odd Chinese symbols all over the house and office, but rather creating delightful spaces with intentionality and prayer. I have worked with Feng Shui practitioners in the past, but I’m past the crystals and flutes stage of my life. Your work is very subtle, very respectful of my life/soul expression, yet extremely effective. We still have quite a bit more work to do, but I look forward to every step of the way.Thank you for your wisdom and healing grace.
Warm regards,

Margaret Shockley Gandy
East West Healing Arts Center
Talent, OR

A Major collaboration

At long last, I am finally writing to thank you for all of your professional consideration in designing the perfect work space for me, my staff, and my clients.As you are aware, I am an insurance and Financial Services Agent for Farmers Insurance and Farmers Financial Solutions. I felt that it was important to design our workspace with both the client and staff needs as priorities.Most professional people spend more waking time at work than at home. You have created a wonderful color palette and your encouragement and input on furniture that we had built and purchased was invaluable.
Without exception, everyone who comes into our space comments on how it “feels”. They seem surprised a little when they start talking about how the space feels. Especially couples, where one partner has never taken any interest in interiors at all.Most people are also really excited about the color combinations, me especially.Once we got in our own space which your directed our efforts in designing, our production and productivity spiked.
Whether it was the influence on me, my staff, or the customers or a combination of the three is hard to say, but my feeling is that everyone who is lucky enough to spend time in our environment has a very positive experience.I want to thank you for all that you have done. Our space, if we had followed the cookie cutter approach to insurance offices would have been horrible. Instead we have an environment that encourages a very serene approach to our days and that translates to the customers having a quality experience as well.We absolutely couldn’t have done it without you. Sugeet, you are truly a master, and you are awesome!

Stacey Huntington
Stacey Huntington Agency
Farmers Insurance
Grants Pass, OR

Renovating the home for a 40% increase in price

Thanks Sugeet,
For making it all happen. Don’t know what we would do without you.

Rod [Newton]

Ashland, OR

Blocking negative influences, protecting our sanity

Funny enough, I wanted to tell you about the BaGua mirrors you told us to put up to stop our crazy neighbors. We had one up and I didn¹t notice anything. You said to add the other two. Well, we finally did and as soon as the three were in place our troubles with the neighbors disappeared. Haven’t seen nor heard from them in months! It really works! It¹s like magic. I also wanted to share that once I had my office rearranged as you suggested, my focus and productivity went way, way up. Thanks for everything.

Robin Whitaker
Ashland OR

Small tweaks made a big difference

From the Medford Mail Tribune, – Life Section, June 26, 2004
By: John Darlingfor the Mail Tribune
Chris and Susan Hearn loved their view lot on Wimer Street in Ashland. But the house? A decade in the “boxy, unimaginative split-level home from the ’70s” was more than enough.So last year the Hearns moved into a trailer in front of their home. They tore off the house’s vinyl-sided front, added three bedrooms and an office upstairs, stuccoed the outside in sandy tones, added Craftsman-style details and called in a feng shui master.”The house was simple, plain, a tad shabby — let’s put it that way,” said Susan Hearn. “You know something’s wrong but you don’t know what it is. Two things made it work — feng shui and Craftsman style.”"It’s fabulous, much more homey and livable than the common, 1976 ranch box it was,” said Chris Hearn, a lawyer and Ashland City Council member. The remodeled house, he said, is “very Craftsman, almost mountain chalet, but without going overboard.”Consulting an art book on the Craftsman style, which encompassed the first four decades of the 20th century, Susan Hearn fed architects details of the period. It emphasized strong, simple lines of the skilled woodworkers of the day and used the most basic materials: timbers, rocks, shakes, columns and wide, flat window trim accented by squarish light fixtures with mica windows.The Hearns pushed out the living room wall by six feet, lifted the ceiling to nine feet and added a lot of vertical glass, another Craftsman touch.On the advice of feng shui master Sugeet, who goes by a single name, they culled furniture and knickknacks and opened up the great room (kitchen, living room, dining room) into a light, spacious area accented only by their African art collection and a music corner — piano, cello and African drum. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art intended to maximize the flow of life energy…Read the full article in the Medford Mail Tribune !

Susan & Chris Hearn
Ashland, OR

Changes at home make a huge difference

Since our meeting and the changes your suggested, our kitchen and backyard patio areas are very warm and inviting. We have been enjoying sitting in our ‘wealth corner’ outside almost daily. My husband says it even feels prosperous when we look out the kitchen window on to that area. We had previously had no plans to have company any time soon, but have enjoyed entertaining new friends since the changes!
Despite my crazy schedule and increased daily wardrobe changes, I’ve managed to do a good job keeping my closet clean and even keeping the spare bedroom sans piles of clothes. Health-wise, my husband has followed through with important diagnostic tests and a successful procedure to improve his heart-health. Together, we have started a diet and are easily sticking to it and both losing weight!
I am excited to see how things unfold as we continue to implement the changes you have suggested with our home! We are both very grateful for your insight and the gifts that continue to reveal themselves!

Kathleen Kellenbeck
Phoenix, Oregon

Peace/Chaos Health/Sickness Abundance/Lack

All of these are states that are created, in large part, by our prominent thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feel ins are greatly influenced by the flow of energy around us.
This is the realm Sugeet masterfully operates within.
Sugeet listens to what you want to create and then modifies your surroundings through decluttering, color, orientation and spatial relationships. These changes create balance and harmony and help manifest desired results in your life.
My wife and I consulted Sugeet to help create peace and harmony in our home environment. I would encourage everyone to contact Sugeet and to utilize his knowledge and wisdom to help you achieve faster and greater results in all areas of your personal life and business.

Dr. Barry Rheault, DC
Certified Health Coach
Trail, OR

Increasing Prosperity

Sugeet is a delight to work with! I enjoyed how he listened to me, learned about what would fit my lifestyle without having to change my home or business. That alone has brought me delight!!One of the first adjustments we made after Sugeet’s consultation was the Wealth area of the home. In the intervening year, my income has almost tripled. While I know Feng Shui works, I did not expect it to work this well!I highly recommend Sugeet because of his warmth, user-friendliness, and wonderful Creative Visions!

Joanne Lescher
Owner Speaking From The Heart
Ashland, OR

Creating a Silk Purse at a Pig’s Ear mall

Dear Sugeet,If only all your clients could have seen t the first time you saw this space. It was a small non-descript area with white walls, high ceilings, front windows that are only half opened to the front, and a dirty brown tweed carpet.I told you I wanted to open a tuxedo rental shop in the space and I wanted it to look up scale and classy. I was also moving my home office into the space so it would need to be comfortable for me as well as my new customers.Within a week you were back with some simple sketches and ideas. The color scheme was black, silver and red. My clients are male but grooms usually come with fiances’, so it couldn’t be too male.My budget prevented me from doing all that you suggested but my space always gets a WOW whenever clients come. Your “Creative Vision” gave me the space I wanted.Thank you so much Sugeet. Towne and Country Tuxedo would not have looked as wonderful as it does without you input and guidance…

Claire Anchick
Proprietor Towne & Country Tuxedo
White City, OR

Wealth in all dimensions

I had a wonderful experience with Sugeet and his Feng Shui skills that I would love to pass on to any one considering to engage his services. I never cease to be amazed at what can happen when someone with the skill, knowledge and insight that Sugeet possesses, comes in and contributes in such profound ways to my life. Sugeet’s ability to “read” what is needed is what I consider to be a true gift.I asked Sugeet for help in my wealth corner, after two plants had died there. He went into the room for a short time with the door closed and came out and talked to me about relationship. He explained that the wealth corner is not just about finances, but about wealth in all areas of life and that he had a very strong sense that it would serve me to focus on wealth and abundance in regards to personal relationship. Within two months of doing the cure that he suggested I found the courage to release a long term relationship that really was ready to be transformed long before this. Two months after that I began, what is at this point, the most wonderful love relationship I have ever experienced.Thank you Sugeet, I’m a true believer.

Anne Herrick/Dienel

Registered Craniosacral Therapist
Jacksonville, OR

Nourishing the land, nourishing the home

Sugeet,Thank you for sharing your knowledge & divine insight. We are grateful for the clarity brought from the message the spirits entrusted with you to share with us. We will continue to seek understanding. Thank you for guiding us to the Heart of our “Truest” intentions. Thank you for touching our lives.
With Peaceful Hearts,

Ray & Susan Angle
McCloud, CA

Reinforcing Wellness in a Healing Center

When we built Hidden Springs Wellness Center, Sugeet was an integral part of the interior decorating and design. He helped us with interior and exterior colors and textures, and upholstery fabric. Working with Sugeet was like working with our own personal artist. What was most gratifying was his keen interest in getting to know who we were as people. He kept working with us until he knew what message we were trying to convey, how we wanted people to feel when they entered each space, and how we wanted to feel in each room. Then keeping in mind the center as a whole, he helped us create each space.Sugeet has a strong natural sense of Feng Shui (the oriental study of harmonious energy flow in an environment). This also contributed to his knowing of how to make a room feel good. All in all, Sugeet was a pleasure and a gift to work with. We are thrilled with the results!

Rod & Brooks Newton
Hidden Springs Wellness Center
Ashland, OR

Emotion sells the home

It has been my great pleasure to become a friend to Sugeet. He is a man of great depth, sensitivity, and insight. My wife and I had the unique experience of working with him, as we prepared to sell our home. He brought his gifts, in particular his Feng Shui skills, to help us rearrange the energy of our house. The people that viewed our home though it beautiful and the eventual buyer said that the energy and feel of the house was the most important part of the purchase.I highly recommend this man to anyone who is looking to create an environment with elegant and refined energy. His insight is brilliant, his support is grounded, and he works hard to satisfy whomever he works with. I endorse him whole-heartedly. If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to call upon me.

Dennis Mead-Shikaly
Emotional Intelligence Technologies
Ashland, OR & Boulder, CO

Shifting the financial picture

We very much appreciated the Feng Shui session here. You were thorough, considerate, efficient, and you moved directly to the focus problem and gave us the solution. If we had the cures in print on one page that would help; we forgot the exact steps. We did do the change on the deck, with a small fountain and plants. Interestingly, our finances seem to have shifted almost immediately after that. Hmn…

Will & Tashina Wilkenson
Ashland, OR

Collaborating at the office & at home

This is to recommend the services of Sugeet as an Interior Design Consultant. I engaged Sugeet for an office remodel project in April of this year. It was a partnership in the truest sense of the word. Sugeet worked with me initially to select a color scheme and then meticulously saw the project through to completion. Many hours were spent finding, considering and previewing rugs, lamps, window treatment, art and office furniture. It was a true collaborative process in that he assisted me in realizing, defining and refining my preferences. Sugeet has an eye for detail and the overall vision for how all the pieces fit into the final product. The final result was functional, tasteful, and represents the realization of the image and style we sought to create.Sugeet also worked with me in planning the furnishings for a new home. He used an interesting process called Voice Dialogue to give expression to different parts of my personality. What emerged was a delicate blending of three distinct styles: craftsman and classical in a contemplative setting. I am extremely pleased with the energetic feeling of my new home. It is both a place to show the different aspects of my personality to those who visit and a place where I feel completely comfortable, held and nurtured by the space. Once again, I recommend his services without hesitation. With Sugeet’s help, my surroundings are now a clearer expression of all aspects of myself.

Joseph M. Charter
Attorney at Law
Medford, OR

Increasing the power of true healing

I am a licensed acupuncturist. I opened a new office in an old building in January. I felt I needed help creating a comfortable and healing space for my clients, so I asked Sugeet to consult with me. I was impressed with his understanding of the flow of Qi (energy) and how it could be enhanced. He gave me many wonderful ideas for this, from color choices to where to place plants. Everyone who comes into my office loves the look and feel of it. Sugeet is professional, fun and caring. He came back several times to help put on the finishing touches. He really helped get my business off to a great start!

Nikki J. Clifton, LAc., C.B.P.
Beach Avenue Healthcare

Beauty & Peace in the middle of an industrial complex

Long before I moved my business, I knew the colors I wanted to use, but how and why I would use them was very unclear. During my consultation with Sugeet, I saw how it was going to work. Everything lit up inside of me, like a switch turned on. Even more wonderful, I was a participant – we were truly co-creating. I felt the excitement of the creative energy, the wonder of discovery. Feng Shui wasn’t strange or different; it simply became grounded in me. I was a full participant.When clients come, they compliment me on how beautiful my space is and how good it feels. The office I moved into had been a central hub for the previous business. Even empty it held a kind of chaotic energy. The work Sugeet and I did retranslated it into a soft, safe, space. My clients love that in the middle of a busy industrial complex there is this beautiful oasis. Months later, the process continues to unfold.I sincerely and whole heatedly recommend Sugeet’s services to facilitate your office, home and garden needs.

Cylone Moore
Owner Essential Faces
Ashland, OR

Feng Shui inside and out

I would like to recommend Sugeet as a wonderful Feng Shui consultant. Sugeet has made recommendations to me which have immediately shown results. An example of this was his recommendation to relocate a fountain in my living room. I did this shortly after he left my home and within a few minutes I saw rainbows dancing on my living room walls. This was something I never expected. Sugeet has drawn up a wonderful landscaping plan for my yard which I expect to realize within two or three years (only due to my budget.) Once Sugeet does work out a plan for you he is available through the phone or the internet to continue working with you. When Sugeet takes on a job he follows through with ongoing consultation. I can honestly recommend him and assure anyone who reads this that he knows his business.

Helen M. Innarone
Redmond, OR

small changes, Big Change

I just realized that something has shifted. In the fame area, the one about how I’m seen in the world, I put one little thing that I thought would be nice there. My business has picked up considerably. All those people who for months had said they wanted an appointment are now calling. They didn’t call when they said they would but they are now. I would have thought the change would be if I put it in my career area, but that’s not how it’s worked. It’s made such a difference.

Body & Energy Work
Ashland, OR

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