A Science or an Art?

Trying to explain the unexplainable (Feng Shui) one has to look for analogies that everyone can grok. I’m dealing with that right now as I prepare a 8 minute presentation to my BNI group. What I’ve arrived at (for now) is the following: You want to put in a doorway or entry from one room to another. The science analogy is composed of many parts – is the wall load bearing? What size opening? What are the best tools to use to do the job? The art analogy is the design: archway or rectangular? Door or no door? Any trim? Wall color? ¬†All these factors must be considered (and often are not) before proceeding. And that’s why it’s worth the dollars spent to bring in an expert – you can avoid mistakes, pitfalls and expensive redoes before you start. This is also why folks who read a book or two on Feng Shui often do not get the results they desire. No fault of their own, it’s just that there are so many factors all of which have to be considered. ¬†Done right and all sorts of “magic” can happen. So what do you want? DIY? Or bring in an expert? Your choice.