Quantum Theory

Do you think Quantum Theory has anything to do with Feng Shui and vice versa? And who cares anyway? Well, the more I study Feng Shui and the world, the more connections I’m finding between the two. At a recent celebration of Chinese new Years, I explained to about 80 people the connections I have found between the iChing, Feng Shui and Quantum Theory. It’s my thesis that the two are arriving at virtually the same place, one 3,000 years before the other. Which tells me 2 things: Westerners who dismiss Feng Shui are the same ones who feel horse drawn plows are better than tractors and much more efficient. And for friends born in the East if they think that having the bamboo flutes and the money frog will bring them luck, these folks belong with those who prefer Twinkies to a good solid meal. Either way, we need to knock down phony barriers and realize we are onto something very profound.