Class for the First Rule of Feng Shui

And that Rule is : Get Rid of the Clutter.  Unfortunately our economy, already faltering, would collapse completely if we did not continue to buy and use more.  That’s the nature of Capitalism – if it does not continue to grow it stagnates and dies.  Our culture is based on the premise that we can become “OK” if we only buy/use/attend/rent the Whatever. How many of us go out when we feel poorly and buy something?  And feel better.  Momentarily.

Then when we try to rid ourselves of the clutter we’re surrounded by.  We become overwhelmed and put it off for another day.  The most effective way to make a significant start toward building new habits that prevent the clutter syndrome from crowding our lives is in a group setting.  Real change can happen – just like AA!  And while you might giggle at that comparison, the truth is stark – it’s a rare individual who can kick the clutter habit without help.

So Sugeet will be holding a class for 4 Thursday nights in October to help people realize how much keeping clutter costs and creative and fun ways to get rid of it.  If you live in the Rogue Valley, go to the classes page. Master the Art of  . . .Uncluttering is there.  The page is offering a special discount for those signing up before Oct 1.

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