Fend Shui Masters: plants!

That’s right, without taking one course, without years of study, without the blessing of the Master, plants are feng shui masters.  Admittedly, they can’t get up and move over there where the wealth corner is, or pull out that noxious week that’s blocking their career light, but right now, you’re witnessing a live demonstration of feng shui mastery.

Consider: how do the crocuses know when to pop up through the snow and bloom their little heads off?  How do the daffodils know to wait for a few more weeks before showing off their beauty?  Or that tulips wait till after the forsythia has done its thing?  The answer, my dear Watson, is elemental.  Each one knows how to read the energetic signs of the earth and stars.  Each one reads the magnetic fields and constantly is doing chemical analysis of the soil.  And when it all comes together for that particular genus, bingo! And we are saturated with beauty.

Plant are aware of the climate changing.  Correctly reading all the scientific measurements we so diligently pour over, they have been blooming earlier.  Other species are dying out as the climate passes their tolerance range.  EPA said nothing to them, they know.  So if they read Nature’s energies so well, what happened to us?

Simply, we lost out contact with Nature.  Every client I work with will demonstrate their fledgling knowledge of Feng Shui, but dismiss it as ‘nothing.’ Those of us who study Feng Shui and become more and more sensitive to the flow, or lack thereof.  And what we do is help people move the things that can’ help themselves (the chair, the sofa, the wall color) so that the chemistry is right and voila!  Flow.  How sweet it is!

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