Closet Feng Shui

Most of us do not live in homes with a basement or an attic.  Both these places are famous for gathering clutter.  Now we have garages! And storage units!  But the bowels of our home are our closets.  And that’s were lots of energy gets stagnant.

So when you feel stuck, take a look inside your closets.  Are they crammed?  Disorganized?  Cluttered?  Filled with clothes and coats you no longer wear, or wear only occasionally?

Take some time this weekend and really thin out just one of your closets.  Then clean it and only put back ONLY what you’ve worn in the last 7 months.  Everything else? Goes to Goodwill or the Free shop.  You’ll not only start to clean out your own energy, you’ll be doing good for someone less fortunate.  I like the idea of finding where folks can get clothes for free – too many are losing their homes and are having a really hard time of it.  And so in this land of plenty, let’s move the plenty around to a place where others can use it.  Your soul will lift.  And that’s good Feng Shui!

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