Use Feng Shui to change you mood

The law of opposites works in many parts of Feng Shui. It’s something you can do whenever and wherever to change your mood.

Feeling down? Facing a tough day you’re not looking forward to? Dress up in vibrant cheerful color. A man might wear a bright shirt or some crazy socks. A woman might step out of her comfort zone and go on the bold side. Whichever, your mood and attitude will lighten.

Got an overly stressed out day planned? Try wearing calming colors, avoid big patterns or too much texture. Dress the way you WANT to feel and watch how it can help take you there.

This doesn’t mean you finish dressing and then forget about it. You keep checking in during the day reminding yourself why you dressed the way you did and checking in with you feelings. Watch that Feng Shui at Work!

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