Is your car cluttered?

I’m often surprised at how hip Costco can be.  They have surprised me more than once by being on top of clutter clearing tips.  Now, from Novia Scotia comes a timely article on why car clutter is dangerous to your health. Take a gander: Send this to friends who can use the this! Or follow me on Twitter @sugeet     And, as if you didn’t already know, clutter is the biggest obstruction to the good flow of chi.  😎

Proud and Grateful

An excellent service for locating local service providers has started growing by leaps and bounds.  It’s called and it may well be in your area.  Check it out.  But why would I be pushing a thumbtack at you?  Simply because I signed up, and quickly accumulated 4 reccomendations from folks familiar with my work.  You can check that out at: This is not a quick and dirty service, they actually check you out. As you will see there’s a rather legnthy interview process which is also verified.  Since people tend to do business with people they know and trust, I appreciate the throughness of their approach.  Facebook has come up with it’s own –Stick (that’s right – Stick, could be Schick, but we won’t go there…), but then Stick wants to go into your address book and pull names and addresses out. No thank you!  In any event, if you do check this out, I’d enjoy your impressions. You might even want to add your own business.

Needing to Sell?

Here in the Rogue Valley, tradition has it that all you have to do is put your house on the market and somebody, sometime, will buy it.  And, until a couple of years ago, that was true enough…sometime.  Then something happened and we now have at 18month-2year supply.  And still folks don’t think what a good Feng Shui analysis can do to let their home stand out from the crowd.

Problem often is owners have an emotional attachment to their home.  Realtors want to keep on good terms with the owners so they tend to go alone with that attachment. Well, it isn’t Kansas anymore Dorothy, and folks would be wise to contact their consultant and ask for help. We bring an unbiased view tilted toward balancing the energy of the house and making it feel as nourishing as possible. The longer a potential buyer stays in the home, the more likely the owner is to get an offer, and these days, that’s important!