When passion and knowledge work together at Creative Visions Feng Shui, the result is the foundation for radiant living. Meet Sugeet: the passion and knowledge leading the charge at Creative Visions Feng Shui. His name means “Song of the Heart” and it is this passionate rhythm that infuses life into everything he does.Sugeet&Bodhi_1024

A published author and speaker, Sugeet holds certification at both the professional and advanced levels of Feng Shui. The highest accreditation, “Red Ribbon Professional,” is bestowed by the International Feng Shui Guild for members who demonstrate a working knowledge and understanding of “our Universal Topics”: a general baseline of Feng Shui knowledge, history and core concepts critical to the practice of Feng Shui.” It is achieved through rigorous examination.

Drawn to the practical art and science of Feng Shui, Sugeet integrates the mystical and scientific into his approach. The core of his practice focuses on correcting imbalances through the use of the five-element theory, rather than involving the popular ‘cures’ or paraphernalia often associated with Feng Shui. For Sugeet, the art of Feng Shui is all about perspective – the way of viewing, experiencing and interacting with the environment around you.

Sugeet’s consultation services range from one room appraisals to plan reviews for entire subdivisions to major businesses. His work is especially powerful for those in the healing arts, be they Eastern or Western.
He also specializes in lighting and sound design, two critical aspects of the way energy moves. Whatever the project, whatever the setting, Sugeet offers easy, practical steps for designing spaces that are harmoniously integrated into your personal style of living and working. Simply by changing part of an energetic system, the entire system is altered. The benefits always exceed his client’s expectations.

Drawing inspiration from his experience in fine art, architecture, multimedia, TV, and film, Sugeet intimately understands how every minute detail contributes to the whole, either with positive or negative results. His refined aesthetic sensibilities, cultivated through living in both Eastern and Western countries, allow him to capture elements of beauty expressed in varying cultures, and transform mundane spaces into environments of harmony and distinction. The space emanates a feeling not captured by photos, only by experiencing it.

Listen to Colleen Pyke’s interview with Sugeet from Sirius Satellite Radio.

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