Ancient calendars and Feng Shui

The latest issue of my newsletter briefly speaks to the history of the calendar as we approach the Year of the Rabbit.  It’s fascinating that the ancient world, whether Western or Easters or Middle Eastern all seem to have a 12 month calendar.  As long as there have been women, this should not be surprising. Between a woman’s period and observations of the longest and shortest days, the year forms itself and divides very nicely.  But I did turn up on interesting fact which contradicts much of what has been discussed & wrtten about in the New Age movement for years.

The Mayan calendar ends in 2012.  What this implies has often been interpreted as ‘the end times’ or whatever.  Yet if one looks into Mayan mythology, one find that the date actually marks the beginning of a new cycle, not an ending.  The same is true in the Vedic tradition, as we are ending the cycle of  the Kali Yuga, The ending of that period is predicted to be very unpleasant, as the demon goddess Kali is is finally defeated and we enter a new Yuga, the Satya Yuga.

What does this have to do with Feng Shui? I hear you ask.  Quite simply, the effective use of Feng Shui to remove blocks to harmony and prosperity helps anyone/everyone get through the hard times we are witnessing.  And we’re just beginning! You might want to sign up for the newsletter just to keep one viewpoint in your pocket.