The Feng Shui of laughter

This month’s free eZine goes into depth on the subject of laughter and the kind of chi created. Most of us do not associate Feng Shui and humor but there’s an interesting connection. If you like to read the issue and possibly get these tips and tricks delivered monthly, simply send an email with “humor” in the subject line and send it to

A Feng Shui Insight

Yesterday I was outlining a presentation I will give in two weeks for a group of professional business people.  In trying to figure out how to clearly present the material I saw I could use Wind and Water as the interactive forces which change a space’s energy.  Outlining further, I found there are nine combinations of wind and water which interact.

The Bagua has 9 areas and is in the shape of an octagon.  9 is he number of completion.  The conditions of wind and water total 6, made from 2 sets of 3 conditions each (calm, moderate and severe.)  The 2 together total 6, the number of lines in a hexagram for the I Ching (from which arose many of Feng Shui’s principles.)

While it is said that mathematics is the most gorgeous language in the world, studying Feng Shui continues to show me the beauty, symmetry of the perfect system it is, reflecting the nature of the inverse.  Just another insight into this incredible art and science.

Tips & Tricks for July

Coming out tomorrow, the July issue of my newsletter. This month talking about some of the historical basis of Feng Shui and how it has roots from many ancient cultures.  Also a brief look at the use, and misuse of materials. Finally a piece on fireworks – being the 4th of July and all.  I’m hoping to get all past issues of the eZine into an archive here as a useful resource for you.  In the meantime, if you would like a free subscription, just send an email to

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