What type of Feng Shui consultation do you enjoy working on most?
The client who trusts me to give them the result they want.  That is my greatest pleasure. One client gave me free hand to spend $65,000 to remodel the home they were about to sell.  Instead of going on the market for the pre consult of $850,000, the home sold for $1,250,000 in just four weeks.

Can you think of one particular individual who benefited the most from a Creative Visions Feng Shui consultation? Why?
Every teacher I’ve had and every client I’ve worked with has given me a gift.  I can’t put a comparative value on it as each contributed to my knowledge and understanding of this wonderful mystery called Existence.

What do you consider a job well-done?
A job is well-done when the client realizes that they are getting more benefit than what they requested.  When we change one item, we affect the whole system.  And that changes cause other changes.  So if there are positive changes it creates a multiplier effect.  That’s a job well-done!

At what point do you consider a Feng Shui project completed?
None of my projects are ever complete.  Who completes a river?  You can help it, augment it, but it continues to change after you’ve worked on it.  This question is very Western – we want a definitive answer with definite limits.  But Nature has no limits nor does it operate in isolation.  Everything is connected, and the only constant is change.  That may not be what you wanted to hear, but it is the real answer.

In layman’s terms, describe your use of the five-element theory as used in your Feng Shui  consultation services.
The best way to understand the five-element theory is through an analogy.  Let’s say we’re going to make a cake. That cake can be wonderful, ordinary or terrible, just by varying the amount of each ingredient, the way they are combined; how hot they are cooked and for how long.  Knowing how to balance each of those elements is the job of the master. The five element theory seems simple at first, but it is complex and tricky.  That’ why some are master bakers and some should never get out the flour!

What are the greatest benefits of BTB Feng Shui?
BTB is the only school to come from the East with the flexibility and understanding of our Western culture.  Traditions schools have nothing to say about computers, cell phones, microwave ovens, high tension wires, TV signals, freeways, satellite broadcasts, etc. BTB handles these with grace and force while not losing it’s roots that go back 5,000 years.

BTB Feng Shui does not get as loose as the “schools” that have arisen in the West as practitioners attempt to create their own empire.

What area of my home should I focus on first?
The first place to start is always the same.  Find the clutter and get rid of it.  I teach classes on the constructive elimination of clutter; because in Feng Shui, it’s not good to make more landfill – to clutter Nature as you rid yourself of your personal clutter.  There are joyful ways to keep the energy flowing and give new life to things no longer serving you. I teach a second level so that we find the reasons we continue to clutter. In that sense it’s just like diets – weight off, weight on, weight off, weight on.  We find out why.

I’m considering buying a foreclosed property. I’ve read a lot about the cons in terms of Feng Shui. What can I do to change and protect the energy of my new home, my family and my business if I decide to purchase this property?
I would find a master Feng Shui practitioner and have them do a complete analysis, a thorough energy clearing and finish with a blessing for both the land and the building.  The mere fact that this is a foreclosure says it’s holding some of the pain of the former owners.  There’s usually a lot more associated which can be very detrimental to your health and happiness.  This isn’t a job for a weekend Feng Shui consultant.

How can Feng Shui help me improve my bottom line?
I’m often asked his question because business understands a spreadsheet and wants a cost benefit analysis.  I can’t offer that. But consider this: say your delivery truck often needs repair for unknown causes and your drivers tend to quit after only a couple of weeks on the job. Contrast that with: if that truck ran like a charm and the driver never wanted a day off.
Would you be making more money?   More important, would you be able to concentrate on growing your business?  How do you bottom line something like that?

How can Feng Shui help me improve my love life?
Feng Shi can help by finding the blocks you may be unconsciously putting in the way of true love.  We often are afraid to venture boldly where we have not gone before.  So I help find the physical and emotional blockages and then help you change or eliminate them from your life.

How can Feng Shui help me improve my marriage?
Feng Shui can create a warm and nurturing environment that invites intimacy and deeper relationships.  I start by analyzing the layout and content of the bedroom.  The process often goes well beyond that, into how the two people relate to one another.  Restore positive chi, and then provide an atmosphere conducive to reawakening the heart – the marriage finds new life and new energy.  It’s quite wonderful.

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