Animals & Feng Shui

Take a good look.

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I’ve often spoken of animal’s intelligence, but here is a case where one species has recognized the energetic need of another.  What caused the squirrel monkey to protect/adopt the baby kangaroo?  Whatever cues the baby gave, the monkey who responded in a positive manner recognized them.  In Feng Shui we look for imbalances of energy and try to correct them for a positive result. That doesn’t mean we pick up strays!  But it does mean good Feng Shui is a harmonious flow of energy.

When we live so divorced from the natural world, sensing where imbalances are present is much more difficult, and the cures not always obvious.  Yet the animals we have domesticated, especially our pets often will show us the good, the bad and the ugly!  If you’ve every had a pet who takes a distinct disliking to a person(s) or place, you usually learn later exactly how spot on the pet was.

Pay attention to animals.  Take time to observe them.  They will show you where negative energy is and where positive energy is.  Watch for the subtle cues that are more than just food hunting. Then study that situation and see if you don’t find clues.  Those clues will help you develop your own Feng Shui sensibility.  It can serve you well.

Investors turning to Feng Shui for advice

Seems that Hong Kong investors are increasingly turning to Feng Shui masters for guidance with their investments in these turbulent economic times.  And while the Wall Street Journal is reporting this, we need to consider the status of Feng Shui in Hong Kong.

A city perfectly designed by Feng Shui experts.  Hong Kon is the world’s 11th largest economic center.  Almost every business has used it’s Feng Shui advisors in the design and implementation of its space; buildings are designed to create “feng shui wars.”  It may be prudent to realize what’s good for Hong Kong may OR may not be sage advise for the rest of us.

What’s the lesson? Feng Shui absolutely can help businesses increase their bottom line, but when it comes to investing, it should be just one of many tools used in judgment making.  When sailing, it is wise to check the direction of the wind rather than ignoring it.  And, as Confucius would say, “all things in moderation.”  At the same time, realize that Feng Shui definitely has accuracy in helping to see where both the wind and the water are going.

Income Doubled in one month

Thought you might like to see what one Feng Shui master was able to do for a client:

Northport, NY (PRWEB) February 15, 2009 — Guided by Feng Shui Master Peter Reiss, entrepreneur Dean Mercado was able to almost double his business income in one month.

Mercado, president of OnlineMarketingMuscle, an Internet marketing and coaching firm in Holtsville, NY, called on Master Reiss’ services in December 2008. His business had been growing but not at the pace he desired and he felt that in these tough times he needed to be open to any tools for growth, no matter how “exotic”.

“I know Richard Branson uses Feng Shui, so I figured, ‘What the heck?’, and boy was that a good decision. From the moment Peter Reiss came into my office it was like a whirlwind of change. He showed me things that had been sitting there for years blocking my wealth flow. We got rid of the blocks, made the other adjustments he suggested and the difference was amazing.

“Our office felt better – more powerful, if you can believe it. And the results reflected it. I didn’t do anything different – no extra marketing, no extra sales effort. The only changes were what Master Reiss suggested and the numbers show how amazing he is. Even in this down market we just about doubled business income in one month, from December ’08 to January ’09, and are already way ahead of our financial projections for 2009.”

Valentine’s Day & the BaGua

I find it more than coincidence that the color of love, the color of most Valentine’s Day items, is pink.  If you look at a Bagua for the Relationship area, you find the colors there are pink to white.  So what? I hear you say.

The ‘so what’ is that almost all customs coming from a different culture most often have a different color associated with them.  To wit, white is worn by widows in India, white is worn by brides and virgins in the west.  Black is for mourning in the West, not at all in the East.  We could go on, but it’s not necessary.  It’s interesting that in this case, we in the West are totally in line with the 5,000 year old energy map from China.

Love someone special this Valentine’s Day!

Feng Shui tips to Sleep Better

Want to Sleep Better?


While there are many reasons why you might not be getting a good night’s sleep, one of them can be the condition of your bedroom.  Let’s do a brief makeover and see what happens. [The most dramatic example of this will be found with the first two pictures on Before and After!]

Clear the clutter.  Unfolded clothes, unread parts of the newspaper, stuff you haven’t put away yet – clear it out.  If you like to read in bed, it’s fine to have 1 book beside the bed – but not 5.  And keep the bookcases out of the bedroom – they’re little energetic fingers pulling at you with all those pages as yet unread.

If you have lots of stuff on the walls, remove most of it. Simplify, simplify, simplify.  Put away or remove more than you’re comfortable having around.  Remove as much visual stimulus as you can and then a bit more.  What we’re aiming for is a Zen room.  When you enter it, you start to relax, because there’s almost nothing there.  Now when you climb into bed, you’re either going to sleep, or become intimate with your partner, or just have a bit of room to decompress. 

See if that doesn’t improve your sleep.