Energy Cleaning at the White House

If you look back to a posting closer to the inauguration of President Obama, I posted a rather unusual photograph asking the question was there not a cosmic blessing for the new President.  So far it would seem to be so.  But I want to alert you to the issue of my ezine coming out in a couple of days for an section on what the Obamas can do to make their stay in the White House more harmonious, more nurturing and more effective.  The interesting part of this is that these are things you can do if you are renting a house, or if you are not the original owners of your home or apartment.  The same principles apply.  You just do them with the full intention of sending any residual energies of previous occupants toward the light for whatever their next healing is.
You may not be aware that often we leave energetic imprints after we leave a space.  The most dramatic example of this would be nuclear, where the effects linger long after the radioactive material has been removed.  To look at what I recommend, you can try a trial subscription (free of course!) by clicking here.

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