Health Care & Feng Shui

The current debate about health care in Washington revolves around how much profit insurance companies can make, how much profit hospitals should make, how much profit the pharmaceutical companies can make.  The fight is not whether or not Americans should get good health care, it’s about how much profit corporations can get into this bill.

So what does that have to do with feng shui?  Quite simply the basis of feng shui is understanding how the energies of nature work and how we human can align ourselves so that we benefit from those energies.  Think of a sailboat out on the sea.  It can either tack back and forth trying to gain ground as the wind pushes the boat backwards, or it could turn around and sail away, being pushed by the wind.  It’s obvious which takes more work and which is easier.  The basis of Feng Shui is to understand which way the wind is blowing and what’s happening in the water – observations of nature.  Much of chinese medicine is built on the same principle.  You only pay when you stay well.  If the doctor has made a mistake and you get sick, you pay nothing.  To my way of thinking that is serving the public good.

Our system of health care has resulted in our being 23rd in infant mortally, and something like 25th in quality of health care IN THE WORLD.  Why? Because we have turned our back on nature and gone for the profit.  In other words where other countries provide a public service, we monetize the industry and hand it over not to the doctors but to corporations.  And by law, corporations are duty bound to make profits for the shareholders – not the public.

So feng shui should remind us to learn about how nature can help us cure any imbalance (sickness) in our body.  And it is up to us, not corporations with their pills and tests, to assist our bodies back to radiant health.

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