Why the Resource Blog

Many readers have asked me questions about topics that I covered in the eZine, or wondered what I had to say about.. .color, fans, etc.  The Resource Blog answers that and more.  You can search for whatever I have written about at any time and print out whatever is useful to you.

I’ll be growing this blog, adding the newspaper columns I’ve authored, and archiving past eZines.  In addition, as my understanding of how Feng Shui relates to other fields of endeavor, I’ll be developing material on that as well.  Then I’ll categorize it so that it’s easy to find and easy to use.

In addition, I invite you, dear reader, to add your comments and questions, so that a real dialogue can happen between us.  If you have problems or questions, don’t hesitate to add those and I’ll try to address them as quickly as time allows.

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