Memorial Day – remembering What?

This Memorial Day, I invite you to widen your remembrances: from those who have given their lives in conflicts to the whole of Nature.  The more I study Feng Shui, the more I realize that real prosperity comes from such study. Nature in it’s essence is abundant. The ancient Chinese studied the way Nature moved through a space and then cooperated and synergized with it, learning the subtleties the natural world presented.  By cooperating and augmenting those energies, they increased the bounty of the people they helped.  It is no different today.  Finding what blocks the flow, what is antagonistic, what energies remain in a place all can be moderated, redirected, eradicated. So Monday, take a moment to look in your garden – notice how the weeds want to crowd your plants out.  Notice how some plants do not like to be around other plants. Others, given some attention, bloom more vigorously than if left alone.  All this is the Feng Shui of the natural world.  Be grateful, as the lessons continue to present themselves.  Happy Memorial Day!

The Role of Beauty

A client approached me to revitalize and change the energy and look of a dry cleaning establishment.  I did so and this location turned into the gold mine that kept the business afloat during the economic downturn.  The sad part is the owner started losing interest, wanting to move on,and in so doing started forgetting the details – the details not associated with dry cleaning.  People are now talking, and business is declining. He wants to sell, but the price he can get is decreasing as well.  I’m going to do a case study on this business in the June/July issue of the newsletter. God is in the details, and you’ll have graphic proof of how important those details are.

Needing to Sell?

Here in the Rogue Valley, tradition has it that all you have to do is put your house on the market and somebody, sometime, will buy it.  And, until a couple of years ago, that was true enough…sometime.  Then something happened and we now have at 18month-2year supply.  And still folks don’t think what a good Feng Shui analysis can do to let their home stand out from the crowd.

Problem often is owners have an emotional attachment to their home.  Realtors want to keep on good terms with the owners so they tend to go alone with that attachment. Well, it isn’t Kansas anymore Dorothy, and folks would be wise to contact their consultant and ask for help. We bring an unbiased view tilted toward balancing the energy of the house and making it feel as nourishing as possible. The longer a potential buyer stays in the home, the more likely the owner is to get an offer, and these days, that’s important!

Chinese New Year – The Year of the Rabbit

If you live in an area with a Chinese community, chances are they will be celebrating this weekend as the Year of the Rabbit takes over from the Year of the Tiger.  Try to attend these celebrations and observe that everything being done has some symbolic meaning.  These don’t always translate well into our Western culture, but they may help you understand the rich complexity of this ancient culture. And perhaps, in your own heart, welcome the Year of the Rabbit – it bodes well for those of us who align our spirit with the wonderful Rabbit.

Traditional Feng Shui objects

Recently a student of Feng Shui appeared at my door wanting to buy various Feng Shui objects.  He was disappointed that I did not carry these as a favor to my clients. But I find such things unnecessary to invoke the full effect of a powerful Feng Shui analysis and correction.  In fact,in my experience it is often more effective to use the Five Elements and their interactions for correcting unfavorable situations. Moreover, when done in good taste, the cures add to the beauty of both business and home.

Chinese restaurants are often decorated with all sorts of Feng Shui symbols, and that probably keeps the owners mindful to intend good fortune.  But it is not a requirement. Beauty calls forth it’s own favorable Feng Shui.  Play with it and see what results you get.

Ancient calendars and Feng Shui

The latest issue of my newsletter briefly speaks to the history of the calendar as we approach the Year of the Rabbit.  It’s fascinating that the ancient world, whether Western or Easters or Middle Eastern all seem to have a 12 month calendar.  As long as there have been women, this should not be surprising. Between a woman’s period and observations of the longest and shortest days, the year forms itself and divides very nicely.  But I did turn up on interesting fact which contradicts much of what has been discussed & wrtten about in the New Age movement for years.

The Mayan calendar ends in 2012.  What this implies has often been interpreted as ‘the end times’ or whatever.  Yet if one looks into Mayan mythology, one find that the date actually marks the beginning of a new cycle, not an ending.  The same is true in the Vedic tradition, as we are ending the cycle of  the Kali Yuga, The ending of that period is predicted to be very unpleasant, as the demon goddess Kali is is finally defeated and we enter a new Yuga, the Satya Yuga.

What does this have to do with Feng Shui? I hear you ask.  Quite simply, the effective use of Feng Shui to remove blocks to harmony and prosperity helps anyone/everyone get through the hard times we are witnessing.  And we’re just beginning! You might want to sign up for the newsletter just to keep one viewpoint in your pocket.


Well, not quite. Next in the 12 year Chinese cycle is the Year of the Rabbit beginning February 3, 2011. And while it portends many positive changes, many of the Year of the Tiger’s bumps and hiccups will continue. As we see the megabanks and multinational corporations having a deliciously profitable year, many small folk could use a healthy dose of the positive chi Feng Shui offers. I know I’m bragging when I say every business I’ve helped has seen an increase in its bottom line. Expanding from that, you may want to consider, at minimum, a cleanup of the Chi at your business. At maximum, consider an analysis and recommendation by a feng shui master. It’s money well spent. I’d be glad to put you in touch with some of my clients if you need to hear it directly from them. Otherwise, check out the “Clients” section of this blog. And may your holiday season brings all the abundance and prosperity you could wish for.

The Archive is Live!

For some months now I’ve known that the monthly newsletter I send out for free gets looked at and then usually deleted.  Often times later there is the desire to retrieve that information, but alas, the email has been flushed,  So when I got the chance to create an archive of the past two years efforts, I jumped at the chance.  Now it’s up and ready for use.  I’ll add a category for it, but right now I wanted to let you know it’s out there and handy as a reference tool for those who wish to try doing some Feng Shui on their own.  I think you’ll find some tips and tricks that will increase your happiness, reduce your stress, increase your nourishment, and make you more prosperous.  Not bad for a freebie eigh?

Click here Dorothy – you won’t be in Kanas anymore!

Feng Shui your HAIR????

OK all – in my eZine I’ve spoken of a California trend to “feng shui your hair” – how California is That?  But now a local TV station has done a feature about it.  Take a look – I leave the conclusion up to you.  If it works for you, great.  If not….then again, much of what he has to say is right on Feng Shui wise!

Fend Shui Your Finances

I am a big fan of The Huffington Post.  Guess that lets you know where my political proclivities are.  In any event, when this article appeared today I checked it out.  And while I don’t agree with all the reccomendations, I think it’s a worthwhile read and you might pick up something worth trying.  In these dificult times, I’m all for increasing anyone’s prosperity in every dimension possible.