A Feng Shui tune up – Windchimes!

Too often I hear people disparaging wind chimes as just another gewgaw to annoy the neighbors.  Beg to differ. Here’s a brief story to help you understand how the ancient art and science of Feng Shui uses wind chimes.

A client loved her new home, but soon realized that she was unable to relax and recharge.See through The home had a beautiful view of the valley, had lots of light, was room, and not cluttered. She called her Feng Shui practitioner wanting it fixed.

Here was a home that welcomed you, inviting you in. Yet once in the front door, all the energy zoomed out those gorgeous picture windows overlooking the valley. As far as the energy went, you could have had 3 or 4 big fans making wind in the home. No wonder she couldn’t relax!

The fix was to use strategically placed wind chimes to disperse and slow the energy. A visual metaphor is possibly a better illustration of what a good wind chime can do.

Picture a tray or plate with sand mounded on it. When wind meets the sand, it picks up grains of and takes them where the wind goes. This is the situation when the home’s chi is lost – right out the beautiful picture windows. Now quietly vibrate that same tray and what happens? The mound dissipates and the sand becomes flat, level. The chi enters the home, gets dissipated  by the wind chime and only later leaves.

Choosing the right wind chime is critical. We’ve all been on vacation where every craft shop and garden center has many, many to choose from.  Some are crafts gone mad. Come are downright clever. Others cute. You need none of these. Look for a wind chime that produces a positive effect on YOUR mood. A good wind chime is a pleasing sound one you won’t mind hearing when the wind moves it.

Some of the better ones are tuned to certain musical keys. You’ll resonate with one over the others. That’s the one for you.

Two manufacturers of high quality chimes are Woodstock and Music of the Spheres. You can listen to them online. See how they affect you. (These are just suggestions, I have no affiliation with either.) Pick the one that draws you – that creates pleasure. Then hang that one where the Feng Shui Practitioner suggested.

Of the client? Her practitioner brought her a wonderful one (she later got 2 more!) and she feels 100% different.

Sound is one form of energy that Feng Shui works with. Used correctly, sound can change your life! (You get a ‘tune-up’ for your car…what about a tune up for yourself?)

A Science or an Art?

Trying to explain the unexplainable (Feng Shui) one has to look for analogies that everyone can grok. I’m dealing with that right now as I prepare a 8 minute presentation to my BNI group. What I’ve arrived at (for now) is the following: You want to put in a doorway or entry from one room to another. The science analogy is composed of many parts – is the wall load bearing? What size opening? What are the best tools to use to do the job? The art analogy is the design: archway or rectangular? Door or no door? Any trim? Wall color?  All these factors must be considered (and often are not) before proceeding. And that’s why it’s worth the dollars spent to bring in an expert – you can avoid mistakes, pitfalls and expensive redoes before you start. This is also why folks who read a book or two on Feng Shui often do not get the results they desire. No fault of their own, it’s just that there are so many factors all of which have to be considered.  Done right and all sorts of “magic” can happen. So what do you want? DIY? Or bring in an expert? Your choice.