Have to sell? Want to sell?

Important Points to remember: Boost the curb appeal by fresh paint, flowers (no matter the season) and a GREAT front entrance. Doesn’t need to be overly grand, understated elegance is best. Not sure how to get there? That’s what I’m for! 84% of buyers use the the Internet to shop initially. Obviously a house the invites from the street is likely to get many more visits.

If you budget allows it, invest in bigger things. Kitchen and Bathroom are first. 59% of buyers have remodeled within the first 3 months of ownership. 47% did the kitchen, 43% attacked the bathroom. So these two can be make or break rooms for the sale.

A Science or an Art?

Trying to explain the unexplainable (Feng Shui) one has to look for analogies that everyone can grok. I’m dealing with that right now as I prepare a 8 minute presentation to my BNI group. What I’ve arrived at (for now) is the following: You want to put in a doorway or entry from one room to another. The science analogy is composed of many parts – is the wall load bearing? What size opening? What are the best tools to use to do the job? The art analogy is the design: archway or rectangular? Door or no door? Any trim? Wall color?  All these factors must be considered (and often are not) before proceeding. And that’s why it’s worth the dollars spent to bring in an expert – you can avoid mistakes, pitfalls and expensive redoes before you start. This is also why folks who read a book or two on Feng Shui often do not get the results they desire. No fault of their own, it’s just that there are so many factors all of which have to be considered.  Done right and all sorts of “magic” can happen. So what do you want? DIY? Or bring in an expert? Your choice.

Using Color to Change your World

Using color is not unlike creating a meal. First what are you hungry for? With color, how do you want to feel? Next buy the ingredients. Choose the color that you think supports what you want. Start to cook. Add too much of this, or listen to too many other cooks and what do you get? Yuk.  Ask too many friends what shade to use–or better yet look at Pittsburgh’s 1,700 colors and chances are you’ll miss the mark.  Nice thing about paint though, you can always paint over.  But check out what you’re doing with your local Feng Shui master, because there’s an art and a science to using color to produce the mood, the feeling, the harmony you want. And you won’t have to paint it over!

Needing to Sell?

Here in the Rogue Valley, tradition has it that all you have to do is put your house on the market and somebody, sometime, will buy it.  And, until a couple of years ago, that was true enough…sometime.  Then something happened and we now have at 18month-2year supply.  And still folks don’t think what a good Feng Shui analysis can do to let their home stand out from the crowd.

Problem often is owners have an emotional attachment to their home.  Realtors want to keep on good terms with the owners so they tend to go alone with that attachment. Well, it isn’t Kansas anymore Dorothy, and folks would be wise to contact their consultant and ask for help. We bring an unbiased view tilted toward balancing the energy of the house and making it feel as nourishing as possible. The longer a potential buyer stays in the home, the more likely the owner is to get an offer, and these days, that’s important!

Traditional Feng Shui objects

Recently a student of Feng Shui appeared at my door wanting to buy various Feng Shui objects.  He was disappointed that I did not carry these as a favor to my clients. But I find such things unnecessary to invoke the full effect of a powerful Feng Shui analysis and correction.  In fact,in my experience it is often more effective to use the Five Elements and their interactions for correcting unfavorable situations. Moreover, when done in good taste, the cures add to the beauty of both business and home.

Chinese restaurants are often decorated with all sorts of Feng Shui symbols, and that probably keeps the owners mindful to intend good fortune.  But it is not a requirement. Beauty calls forth it’s own favorable Feng Shui.  Play with it and see what results you get.


Well, not quite. Next in the 12 year Chinese cycle is the Year of the Rabbit beginning February 3, 2011. And while it portends many positive changes, many of the Year of the Tiger’s bumps and hiccups will continue. As we see the megabanks and multinational corporations having a deliciously profitable year, many small folk could use a healthy dose of the positive chi Feng Shui offers. I know I’m bragging when I say every business I’ve helped has seen an increase in its bottom line. Expanding from that, you may want to consider, at minimum, a cleanup of the Chi at your business. At maximum, consider an analysis and recommendation by a feng shui master. It’s money well spent. I’d be glad to put you in touch with some of my clients if you need to hear it directly from them. Otherwise, check out the “Clients” section of this blog. And may your holiday season brings all the abundance and prosperity you could wish for.

How Green is Feng Shui?

With climate change and going green being the hot topics of the day, it’s not unreasonable to ask how green is feng shui? At first, it doesn’t look very green. But if we take the feng shui blinders off, we discover that this ancient art and science is cutting edge environmentalism.

Feng shui studies how nature moves energy through a space, and how to best arrange that space for the most harmonious flow. A true feng shui master is sensitive to how energy moves, or doesn’t move, through a space. Adjustments are then made to remove blockages, and to make the flow is smooth. The most dramatic example of this work in the West is permaculture.

Bill Molison made a series of four short documentaries for PBS, taking four were dramatically different environments, and applying the principles of permaculture to each. In every case the results were dramatic, inspiring, and bursting with life.

See for yourself follow this link:

Check out the website as well: Creative Visions Feng Shui

Class for the First Rule of Feng Shui

And that Rule is : Get Rid of the Clutter.  Unfortunately our economy, already faltering, would collapse completely if we did not continue to buy and use more.  That’s the nature of Capitalism – if it does not continue to grow it stagnates and dies.  Our culture is based on the premise that we can become “OK” if we only buy/use/attend/rent the Whatever. How many of us go out when we feel poorly and buy something?  And feel better.  Momentarily.

Then when we try to rid ourselves of the clutter we’re surrounded by.  We become overwhelmed and put it off for another day.  The most effective way to make a significant start toward building new habits that prevent the clutter syndrome from crowding our lives is in a group setting.  Real change can happen – just like AA!  And while you might giggle at that comparison, the truth is stark – it’s a rare individual who can kick the clutter habit without help.

So Sugeet will be holding a class for 4 Thursday nights in October to help people realize how much keeping clutter costs and creative and fun ways to get rid of it.  If you live in the Rogue Valley, go to the classes page. Master the Art of  . . .Uncluttering is there.  The page is offering a special discount for those signing up before Oct 1.

The Archive is Live!

For some months now I’ve known that the monthly newsletter I send out for free gets looked at and then usually deleted.  Often times later there is the desire to retrieve that information, but alas, the email has been flushed,  So when I got the chance to create an archive of the past two years efforts, I jumped at the chance.  Now it’s up and ready for use.  I’ll add a category for it, but right now I wanted to let you know it’s out there and handy as a reference tool for those who wish to try doing some Feng Shui on their own.  I think you’ll find some tips and tricks that will increase your happiness, reduce your stress, increase your nourishment, and make you more prosperous.  Not bad for a freebie eigh?

Click here Dorothy – you won’t be in Kanas anymore!

Tips & Tricks for July

Coming out tomorrow, the July issue of my newsletter. This month talking about some of the historical basis of Feng Shui and how it has roots from many ancient cultures.  Also a brief look at the use, and misuse of materials. Finally a piece on fireworks – being the 4th of July and all.  I’m hoping to get all past issues of the eZine into an archive here as a useful resource for you.  In the meantime, if you would like a free subscription, just send an email to


and I’ll see you are added.