Thoughts on the Year of the Tiger

It occurs to me that yesterday’s posting was strong.  And well it should be, as this is a Metal Tiger year.  What does that mean?  In its simplest form, each sign is affected by the system called Five Elements Theory.  Each element either moderates or strengthens another element.

Wood feeds fire.  Water douses fire. One element supports, the other moderates or negates.  When we look at a Metal Tiger, know the following: metal will moderate or stop growth (seems we already know that – look at the world’s economies.)  That stifling effect ripples out into other parts of our world.  But metal supports liquidity and flexibility.

So the message is clear: one needs to remain supple but grounded so if things go awry, you can shift as needed.  Don’t expect huge development and growth, but, like the hippies say “Go with the flow Man!”

Health Care & Feng Shui

The current debate about health care in Washington revolves around how much profit insurance companies can make, how much profit hospitals should make, how much profit the pharmaceutical companies can make.  The fight is not whether or not Americans should get good health care, it’s about how much profit corporations can get into this bill.

So what does that have to do with feng shui?  Quite simply the basis of feng shui is understanding how the energies of nature work and how we human can align ourselves so that we benefit from those energies.  Think of a sailboat out on the sea.  It can either tack back and forth trying to gain ground as the wind pushes the boat backwards, or it could turn around and sail away, being pushed by the wind.  It’s obvious which takes more work and which is easier.  The basis of Feng Shui is to understand which way the wind is blowing and what’s happening in the water – observations of nature.  Much of chinese medicine is built on the same principle.  You only pay when you stay well.  If the doctor has made a mistake and you get sick, you pay nothing.  To my way of thinking that is serving the public good.

Our system of health care has resulted in our being 23rd in infant mortally, and something like 25th in quality of health care IN THE WORLD.  Why? Because we have turned our back on nature and gone for the profit.  In other words where other countries provide a public service, we monetize the industry and hand it over not to the doctors but to corporations.  And by law, corporations are duty bound to make profits for the shareholders – not the public.

So feng shui should remind us to learn about how nature can help us cure any imbalance (sickness) in our body.  And it is up to us, not corporations with their pills and tests, to assist our bodies back to radiant health.

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Is Organic Food Good Feng Shui?

There’s lots of comment whether or not you should be eating organic food – or if it makes any significant difference at all.  Food is the energy source for our body and mind – solid chi if you will.  Rushing chi is called sha chi or negative chi. Stagnant chi is not good either.  We look for a balance, chi which nourishes and allows us to perform at our optimum.

If the chi/food we put into our bodies has things which our body does not like, those things will cause a reaction.  We all know what eating too many prunes does.  It’s the same scene with anything unnatural in the food.  And although our bodies are amazing at keeping us going even under the assault of too many foreign substances (preservatives, chemical additives) over time there is a toll taken.

Witness the increase in diabetes.  Witness the prevalence of obesity. Become aware of the shocking rise of childhood and adult asthma. Processed and chemically enhanced food stuffs are major contributing factors along with air and water quality decreasing.  Eating organic means we are only taking in what God gave us, not what Monsanto or Dow created for the benefit of the food producer.  Of course a huge problem is the fact deterioration happens over time, often so slowly we do no notice it until the damage has become acute.  Do good Feng Shui for you body – eat organic.

Energy Cleaning at the White House

If you look back to a posting closer to the inauguration of President Obama, I posted a rather unusual photograph asking the question was there not a cosmic blessing for the new President.  So far it would seem to be so.  But I want to alert you to the issue of my ezine coming out in a couple of days for an section on what the Obamas can do to make their stay in the White House more harmonious, more nurturing and more effective.  The interesting part of this is that these are things you can do if you are renting a house, or if you are not the original owners of your home or apartment.  The same principles apply.  You just do them with the full intention of sending any residual energies of previous occupants toward the light for whatever their next healing is.
You may not be aware that often we leave energetic imprints after we leave a space.  The most dramatic example of this would be nuclear, where the effects linger long after the radioactive material has been removed.  To look at what I recommend, you can try a trial subscription (free of course!) by clicking here.

Fend Shui Masters: plants!

That’s right, without taking one course, without years of study, without the blessing of the Master, plants are feng shui masters.  Admittedly, they can’t get up and move over there where the wealth corner is, or pull out that noxious week that’s blocking their career light, but right now, you’re witnessing a live demonstration of feng shui mastery.

Consider: how do the crocuses know when to pop up through the snow and bloom their little heads off?  How do the daffodils know to wait for a few more weeks before showing off their beauty?  Or that tulips wait till after the forsythia has done its thing?  The answer, my dear Watson, is elemental.  Each one knows how to read the energetic signs of the earth and stars.  Each one reads the magnetic fields and constantly is doing chemical analysis of the soil.  And when it all comes together for that particular genus, bingo! And we are saturated with beauty.

Plant are aware of the climate changing.  Correctly reading all the scientific measurements we so diligently pour over, they have been blooming earlier.  Other species are dying out as the climate passes their tolerance range.  EPA said nothing to them, they know.  So if they read Nature’s energies so well, what happened to us?

Simply, we lost out contact with Nature.  Every client I work with will demonstrate their fledgling knowledge of Feng Shui, but dismiss it as ‘nothing.’ Those of us who study Feng Shui and become more and more sensitive to the flow, or lack thereof.  And what we do is help people move the things that can’ help themselves (the chair, the sofa, the wall color) so that the chemistry is right and voila!  Flow.  How sweet it is!

Feng Shui your HAIR????

OK all – in my eZine I’ve spoken of a California trend to “feng shui your hair” – how California is That?  But now a local TV station has done a feature about it.  Take a look – I leave the conclusion up to you.  If it works for you, great.  If not….then again, much of what he has to say is right on Feng Shui wise!

Closet Feng Shui

Most of us do not live in homes with a basement or an attic.  Both these places are famous for gathering clutter.  Now we have garages! And storage units!  But the bowels of our home are our closets.  And that’s were lots of energy gets stagnant.

So when you feel stuck, take a look inside your closets.  Are they crammed?  Disorganized?  Cluttered?  Filled with clothes and coats you no longer wear, or wear only occasionally?

Take some time this weekend and really thin out just one of your closets.  Then clean it and only put back ONLY what you’ve worn in the last 7 months.  Everything else? Goes to Goodwill or the Free shop.  You’ll not only start to clean out your own energy, you’ll be doing good for someone less fortunate.  I like the idea of finding where folks can get clothes for free – too many are losing their homes and are having a really hard time of it.  And so in this land of plenty, let’s move the plenty around to a place where others can use it.  Your soul will lift.  And that’s good Feng Shui!

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