It’s New Year’s Day and in my neighborhood. like the greater part of Ashland, Christmas decoration are being taken down. Those, of course, that were not removed the day after Christmas. So the politically correct forces can declare an open victory against the religious aspects of this holiday. Many folks got their lights and geegaws up right after Thanksgiving, in order to match Walmart and Target. The expansion of the Christmas buying season has trumped anyone who found Christmas to be the celebration of the birth of the Christian’s Son of God. Material acquisition has trumped inward reflection and gratitude.

The next target? Obviously, the only one left! Thanksgiving. Madison Ave has yet to figure out how to Sarah Palin Turkey 5commercialize the bird, however, Sarah Palin did a pretty good job on it not so long ago. It’s interesting to note that neither the Jewish High Holy Days, nor those venerated by  Buddhists have fallen to the venal appetites of those who have elevated Money above Existence, Spirit, God or whatever such a power means. Does anyone see any human arrogance is such a path? What does it have to do with Nature and the real world? Not much , if anything, from this man’s point of view.

2014 is The Year of the Horse – and Chinese astrologers suggest we can expect Mother nature to step up larger and more dramatically as we keep climate change under wraps and in denial. Gaia is pissed off. Oh well, time for the Koch brothers to sell more Coors!

I hurt for the world

It’s hard for me to stay positive, what with all the destruction I see in the name of profit. It’s hard for me to stay positive when I see we are willing to vomit on our food in the name of money for those newly found persons, the corporations. So when I hear that Bill Moyers has a conversation with Wendell Berry, it’s something I want to watch and listen to deeply. I invite you to do the same by going to I invite your comments and reactions.1Wendell

Seen Your Animals do Feng Shui?

Why my connection with animals and the energy work that I do did not connect before now is a mystery.  But no matter – the 11 years ago that I took the formal Feng Shui training made me wonder how limited or how broad Feng Shui might be. Since then I have continue to look at where else there are keys to understanding unseen energies. I’m not into woo woo, yet at the same time there are things quite beyond our logical mind that work. I think our logical mind wants to call things not logical woo woo, when all they really are is bigger than our mind. I do judge much of humanity as arrogant, thinking we can understand what makes the universe work – but that’s a whole separate discussion. Coming back to where else I see Feng Shui at work, why was I not paying attention to the incredible places I go with animals?

One thing where we all can start (for the doubters in the crowd) is how the animals we associate with – noticing how each one has a district personality. If they were just “dumb animals” they would probably not have a district personality. But they do. I’m reaching out to my readers who have experiences with their own animals which are above and beyond. I want to hear from you. Do not be embarrassed, I want to start a conversation. Be sure you get the next issue of the newsletter, it has examples of what I am asking about.

Animal Feng Shui

Some years back I did a newsletter about pets and Feng Shui. All of a sudden, it’s a major blitz on the International Feng Shui newsletter!  Only confirming what I realized quite some time back. BUT, rather than stroking my ego, I wanted to say this next issue is going to be about the Feng Shui of animals. Fo instance, my alpha cat Bhodi does Reike and there’s a story around that. If you have a story about your animal that includes how well they read energies, I’d like to get it. I will include them in the newsletter (depending on how many show up!).  Please send them to me just by clicking here.

Animals & Feng Shui

Take a good look.























I’ve often spoken of animal’s intelligence, but here is a case where one species has recognized the energetic need of another.  What caused the squirrel monkey to protect/adopt the baby kangaroo?  Whatever cues the baby gave, the monkey who responded in a positive manner recognized them.  In Feng Shui we look for imbalances of energy and try to correct them for a positive result. That doesn’t mean we pick up strays!  But it does mean good Feng Shui is a harmonious flow of energy. 

When we live so divorced from the natural world, sensing where imbalances are present is much more difficult, and the cures not always obvious.  Yet the animals we have domesticated, especially our pets often will show us the good, the bad and the ugly!  If you’ve every had a pet who takes a distinct disliking to a person(s) or place, you usually learn later exactly how spot on the pet was.

Pay attention to animals.  Take time to observe them.  They will show you where negative energy is and where positive energy is.  Watch for the subtle cues that are more than just food hunting. Then study that situation and see if you don’t find clues.  Those clues will help you develop your own Feng Shui sensibility.  It can serve you well.