Do you run out of time? Repeatedly?

The sense of overwhelm in today’s culture robs us of our power for a good life. There is no time to make this a better place for ourselves or anyone else. Having made that sweeping statement, I’m forced to look for ways to make my time more meaningful by cutting out the fluff, eliminate the unnecessary. What’s easy is often right. That’s why I’d like to invite you to become a fan of Creative Visions Facebook page. Every few days I plan to post one quick tip that can make your life move more smoothly, increase your use of time, increase your clarity and keep you on purpose. These will be “Hints from Heloise” for our overly busy lives. What’s the point? It’s my belief that we prevent ourselves from our own greatness by a culture devoted to keeping us distracted. Quick reminders that take but an instant, but which can improve the quality of your life. Join me there, won’t you? And click the Like button!

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