How Green is Feng Shui?

With climate change and going green being the hot topics of the day, it’s not unreasonable to ask how green is feng shui? At first, it doesn’t look very green. But if we take the feng shui blinders off, we discover that this ancient art and science is cutting edge environmentalism.

Feng shui studies how nature moves energy through a space, and how to best arrange that space for the most harmonious flow. A true feng shui master is sensitive to how energy moves, or doesn’t move, through a space. Adjustments are then made to remove blockages, and to make the flow is smooth. The most dramatic example of this work in the West is permaculture.

Bill Molison made a series of four short documentaries for PBS, taking four were dramatically different environments, and applying the principles of permaculture to each. In every case the results were dramatic, inspiring, and bursting with life.

See for yourself follow this link:

Check out the website as well: Creative Visions Feng Shui

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