Get Ready for the Crazies

The holidays are upon us.  Four major events in slightly less than 3 months.  Often there’s unnecessary burnout which detracts from the very core of these events – celebration.  What with the big box stores putting out Christmas merchandise July 5th, many of us are psychologically sick of it.  The culture has transformed what’s supposed to be a celebration into another buying opportunity. And that misses the entire point.

I admit I’ve looked for fast and dirty ways to get through these as if I really care.  Truth be told, I don’t, not when it’s so over commercialized.  But that’s me.  And I’d like to see all of us get back to the real spirit of Halloween, of Thanksgiving, of Christmas and of New Years.  To that end, I’ll be giving a talk in Ashland Monday, November 17 at the Ashland Coop Community Classroom on how to use Feng Shui to reduce holiday stress.

The November December issue of Creative Visions’ newsletter also takes up on this.  If you’re not already a subscriber, I invite you to become one – at least for an issue or two.  If it’s gets to be overload, cancel the subscription.  And know that I Never rent, borrow, buy or distribute anyone’s email.  That’s bad bad karma and there’s enough of that floating abbot not to incur any additional!  If subscribing is something that can help you get through the upcoming time, click here.

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