Animals & Feng Shui

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I’ve often spoken of animal’s intelligence, but here is a case where one species has recognized the energetic need of another.  What caused the squirrel monkey to protect/adopt the baby kangaroo?  Whatever cues the baby gave, the monkey who responded in a positive manner recognized them.  In Feng Shui we look for imbalances of energy and try to correct them for a positive result. That doesn’t mean we pick up strays!  But it does mean good Feng Shui is a harmonious flow of energy. 

When we live so divorced from the natural world, sensing where imbalances are present is much more difficult, and the cures not always obvious.  Yet the animals we have domesticated, especially our pets often will show us the good, the bad and the ugly!  If you’ve every had a pet who takes a distinct disliking to a person(s) or place, you usually learn later exactly how spot on the pet was.

Pay attention to animals.  Take time to observe them.  They will show you where negative energy is and where positive energy is.  Watch for the subtle cues that are more than just food hunting. Then study that situation and see if you don’t find clues.  Those clues will help you develop your own Feng Shui sensibility.  It can serve you well.

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