Feng Shui tips to Sleep Better

Want to Sleep Better?


While there are many reasons why you might not be getting a good night’s sleep, one of them can be the condition of your bedroom.  Let’s do a brief makeover and see what happens. [The most dramatic example of this will be found with the first two pictures on Before and After!]

Clear the clutter.  Unfolded clothes, unread parts of the newspaper, stuff you haven’t put away yet – clear it out.  If you like to read in bed, it’s fine to have 1 book beside the bed – but not 5.  And keep the bookcases out of the bedroom – they’re little energetic fingers pulling at you with all those pages as yet unread.

If you have lots of stuff on the walls, remove most of it. Simplify, simplify, simplify.  Put away or remove more than you’re comfortable having around.  Remove as much visual stimulus as you can and then a bit more.  What we’re aiming for is a Zen room.  When you enter it, you start to relax, because there’s almost nothing there.  Now when you climb into bed, you’re either going to sleep, or become intimate with your partner, or just have a bit of room to decompress. 

See if that doesn’t improve your sleep.

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