Keep it Clear!

Summer is the time we trip in and out of the house: back door, front door, any door – shed the shoes, drop the gear, set the garbage for taking out.  The problem with this style of living is we are dropping boulders in the stream of chi. The front door is the mouth of chi for the house, but any entrance allows chi in and back out. The more clutter you have at any entrance to the house, the more you block favorable energy from coming in.

The solution: keep entrances free from clutter and pleasing to the eye. This may require developing a new habit.  Not only for you, but the entire family.  And old habits are hard to break, but if you keep a compassionate reminder for your partner/for your kids, you can allow everyone to slowly adopt new behavior patterns — ones that allow for the free flow of positive energy to come home and enhance your life.  Be brave! Go for it! And if you run into problems, remember you can always drop me a line asking for a bit of coaching Blessings!

Using Color to Change your World

Using color is not unlike creating a meal. First what are you hungry for? With color, how do you want to feel? Next buy the ingredients. Choose the color that you think supports what you want. Start to cook. Add too much of this, or listen to too many other cooks and what do you get? Yuk.  Ask too many friends what shade to use–or better yet look at Pittsburgh’s 1,700 colors and chances are you’ll miss the mark.  Nice thing about paint though, you can always paint over.  But check out what you’re doing with your local Feng Shui master, because there’s an art and a science to using color to produce the mood, the feeling, the harmony you want. And you won’t have to paint it over!

Is your car cluttered?

I’m often surprised at how hip Costco can be.  They have surprised me more than once by being on top of clutter clearing tips.  Now, from Novia Scotia comes a timely article on why car clutter is dangerous to your health. Take a gander: Send this to friends who can use the this! Or follow me on Twitter @sugeet     And, as if you didn’t already know, clutter is the biggest obstruction to the good flow of chi.  😎

Chinese New Year – The Year of the Rabbit

If you live in an area with a Chinese community, chances are they will be celebrating this weekend as the Year of the Rabbit takes over from the Year of the Tiger.  Try to attend these celebrations and observe that everything being done has some symbolic meaning.  These don’t always translate well into our Western culture, but they may help you understand the rich complexity of this ancient culture. And perhaps, in your own heart, welcome the Year of the Rabbit – it bodes well for those of us who align our spirit with the wonderful Rabbit.


Well, not quite. Next in the 12 year Chinese cycle is the Year of the Rabbit beginning February 3, 2011. And while it portends many positive changes, many of the Year of the Tiger’s bumps and hiccups will continue. As we see the megabanks and multinational corporations having a deliciously profitable year, many small folk could use a healthy dose of the positive chi Feng Shui offers. I know I’m bragging when I say every business I’ve helped has seen an increase in its bottom line. Expanding from that, you may want to consider, at minimum, a cleanup of the Chi at your business. At maximum, consider an analysis and recommendation by a feng shui master. It’s money well spent. I’d be glad to put you in touch with some of my clients if you need to hear it directly from them. Otherwise, check out the “Clients” section of this blog. And may your holiday season brings all the abundance and prosperity you could wish for.

The Feng Shui of laughter

This month’s free eZine goes into depth on the subject of laughter and the kind of chi created. Most of us do not associate Feng Shui and humor but there’s an interesting connection. If you like to read the issue and possibly get these tips and tricks delivered monthly, simply send an email with “humor” in the subject line and send it to

Fend Shui Your Finances

I am a big fan of The Huffington Post.  Guess that lets you know where my political proclivities are.  In any event, when this article appeared today I checked it out.  And while I don’t agree with all the reccomendations, I think it’s a worthwhile read and you might pick up something worth trying.  In these dificult times, I’m all for increasing anyone’s prosperity in every dimension possible.

Closet Feng Shui

Most of us do not live in homes with a basement or an attic.  Both these places are famous for gathering clutter.  Now we have garages! And storage units!  But the bowels of our home are our closets.  And that’s were lots of energy gets stagnant.

So when you feel stuck, take a look inside your closets.  Are they crammed?  Disorganized?  Cluttered?  Filled with clothes and coats you no longer wear, or wear only occasionally?

Take some time this weekend and really thin out just one of your closets.  Then clean it and only put back ONLY what you’ve worn in the last 7 months.  Everything else? Goes to Goodwill or the Free shop.  You’ll not only start to clean out your own energy, you’ll be doing good for someone less fortunate.  I like the idea of finding where folks can get clothes for free – too many are losing their homes and are having a really hard time of it.  And so in this land of plenty, let’s move the plenty around to a place where others can use it.  Your soul will lift.  And that’s good Feng Shui!

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