Income Doubled in one month

Thought you might like to see what one Feng Shui master was able to do for a client:

Northport, NY (PRWEB) February 15, 2009 — Guided by Feng Shui Master Peter Reiss, entrepreneur Dean Mercado was able to almost double his business income in one month.

Mercado, president of OnlineMarketingMuscle, an Internet marketing and coaching firm in Holtsville, NY, called on Master Reiss’ services in December 2008. His business had been growing but not at the pace he desired and he felt that in these tough times he needed to be open to any tools for growth, no matter how “exotic”.

“I know Richard Branson uses Feng Shui, so I figured, ‘What the heck?’, and boy was that a good decision. From the moment Peter Reiss came into my office it was like a whirlwind of change. He showed me things that had been sitting there for years blocking my wealth flow. We got rid of the blocks, made the other adjustments he suggested and the difference was amazing.

“Our office felt better – more powerful, if you can believe it. And the results reflected it. I didn’t do anything different – no extra marketing, no extra sales effort. The only changes were what Master Reiss suggested and the numbers show how amazing he is. Even in this down market we just about doubled business income in one month, from December ’08 to January ’09, and are already way ahead of our financial projections for 2009.”

Radio program on Feng Shui 2/1/09

If you’d like to hear more about how Feng Shui can possibly make these difficult times pass a bit easier, Sugeet is appearing this Sunday on Jefferson Public Radio’s World Vision.  Colleen Pyke, long time radio personality is the host.

The program airs at 5pm Sunday, February 1 on the AM outlet – 1230 on the dial.  Sandwiched between Zorba Paster on Your Health and The People’s Pharmacy it’s doubtful this program will cure any rashes, but it just might give you a clearer view how to make life a bit easier.

For those not in the Jefferson listening area (Talent, Medford, Grants Pass, Roseburg, Eugene, Mt Shasta, Mendocino, Eureka and Redding) the program will be streaming on  click on the News and Information channel, then choose ‘Listen Live‘ and you’ll receive it.  

Missed it? Not to worry, soon it will be archived here.  And your comments are always welcome.

Lucky Charms

Here’s a link to a story recently published inthe Phillipines.

I find this article illustrative of how much the Orient has altered Feng Shui into charms and spells and away from patient observation and intuitive sensing energies.  Yet this aspect of some folk’s practice of Feng Shui does not mention one point – and that is what you believe in can manifest. The power of intention is discounted in American culture, but it is real and it is powerful. So if your gig is to beleive in crystals, power on.  

But for those who pick up info like this, go of and buy some crytals and think their life is going to change – well, not too likely.