As you get rid of ‘Stuff’

One of the great advantages of clearing out the excess in our lives is we begin to see how we could be living more lightly on the planet. We start to see that our values change and our lifestyle changes.  I have friends that decided to move their family (3some) to Baja California and live in a popup camper for 6 months. Gabriella wrote a wonderful blog about that time. Returning their life to the States has taken another couple of turns, but she made this post which I think is valuable reading when considering how your life could change.

Losing weight – more than just pounds

As you may have noticed, I’m starting to refocus Creative Visions on a problem this society has BIG TIME: too much stuff. It comes in so many forms besides the physical . And what it’s doing is dragging our lives down. It stymies creativity. It causes unnecessary stress. It clogs up the gears of good relationships. And it costs us dearly financially.

OK, so what’s the answer? Obviously to see how to make out lives cleaner, smoother, more creative. And I’m passing along tips on my Facebook page [not what I had for dinner last night!] Things like how to get a better night’s sleep. A technique for gradually reducing the physical clutter that gather in almost all of our homes. Stop by and give me a like. I will not clog up your email with more useless garbage, just tips and tricks for you to use to make your life better. You’ll also be among the first to learn about my upcoming free webinar to help you get started.

Too Much!

It often feels like we’re being hit by a tidal wave – of climate disasters, economic woes, scandals. And in my personal life, more and more keeps knocking at the door, saying “Look at me! Pay attention.” More and more things grabbing for my attention and time. I don’t know about you, but I notice how this slows me down, gets me confused too often, and leads to unintended and unwelcome consequences. Part of the project I’m working on is a system allowing you to lose weight. Not the extra pounds you may be carrying, but the extra weight of too much of everything. The success of the program is extraordinary. But I’m not unveiling it until it’s fit and ready.

A Diet for Email

Recently I have begun to realize that I spend far too much time going through my inbox. To be sure, 500 unread’s is not manageable, much less 1000. In an effort not only to simplify, but to allow me not to be overwhelmed on a daily basis, I had to put my email on a very strict diet. This is no easy task, as many of the lists I’m subscribed to are invaluable – or at least so I think. So once a day, I have to unsubscribe from a list, or tell a friend to take me off their distribution. If you have this problem, I’d like to hear how you handle the flood of email.

Seen Your Animals do Feng Shui?

Why my connection with animals and the energy work that I do did not connect before now is a mystery.  But no matter – the 11 years ago that I took the formal Feng Shui training made me wonder how limited or how broad Feng Shui might be. Since then I have continue to look at where else there are keys to understanding unseen energies. I’m not into woo woo, yet at the same time there are things quite beyond our logical mind that work. I think our logical mind wants to call things not logical woo woo, when all they really are is bigger than our mind. I do judge much of humanity as arrogant, thinking we can understand what makes the universe work – but that’s a whole separate discussion. Coming back to where else I see Feng Shui at work, why was I not paying attention to the incredible places I go with animals?

One thing where we all can start (for the doubters in the crowd) is how the animals we associate with – noticing how each one has a district personality. If they were just “dumb animals” they would probably not have a district personality. But they do. I’m reaching out to my readers who have experiences with their own animals which are above and beyond. I want to hear from you. Do not be embarrassed, I want to start a conversation. Be sure you get the next issue of the newsletter, it has examples of what I am asking about.

Animal Feng Shui

Some years back I did a newsletter about pets and Feng Shui. All of a sudden, it’s a major blitz on the International Feng Shui newsletter!  Only confirming what I realized quite some time back. BUT, rather than stroking my ego, I wanted to say this next issue is going to be about the Feng Shui of animals. Fo instance, my alpha cat Bhodi does Reike and there’s a story around that. If you have a story about your animal that includes how well they read energies, I’d like to get it. I will include them in the newsletter (depending on how many show up!).  Please send them to me just by clicking here.

Do you run out of time? Repeatedly?

The sense of overwhelm in today’s culture robs us of our power for a good life. There is no time to make this a better place for ourselves or anyone else. Having made that sweeping statement, I’m forced to look for ways to make my time more meaningful by cutting out the fluff, eliminate the unnecessary. What’s easy is often right. That’s why I’d like to invite you to become a fan of Creative Visions Facebook page. Every few days I plan to post one quick tip that can make your life move more smoothly, increase your use of time, increase your clarity and keep you on purpose. These will be “Hints from Heloise” for our overly busy lives. What’s the point? It’s my belief that we prevent ourselves from our own greatness by a culture devoted to keeping us distracted. Quick reminders that take but an instant, but which can improve the quality of your life. Join me there, won’t you? And click the Like button!

More Freedom! More Life! More Joy!

The latest group of friends who took the plunge and started getting a real handle on their over crowded lives. We met for the last time yesterday. Two could not be there due to personal emergencies, but I think you can tell from the expressions the class was a success. Soon I will announce a new class, RECLAIM YOUR LIFE, where we will come to understand why we gather too much and how to be permanently rid of that little barnacle that costs money, time, health and happiness. Stay tuned! If you’d like to be in on it, let me know and whether you’d enjoy a teleclass (if you’re out of the Rogue Valley.) If you have questions, contact me at

Quantum Theory

Do you think Quantum Theory has anything to do with Feng Shui and vice versa? And who cares anyway? Well, the more I study Feng Shui and the world, the more connections I’m finding between the two. At a recent celebration of Chinese new Years, I explained to about 80 people the connections I have found between the iChing, Feng Shui and Quantum Theory. It’s my thesis that the two are arriving at virtually the same place, one 3,000 years before the other. Which tells me 2 things: Westerners who dismiss Feng Shui are the same ones who feel horse drawn plows are better than tractors and much more efficient. And for friends born in the East if they think that having the bamboo flutes and the money frog will bring them luck, these folks belong with those who prefer Twinkies to a good solid meal. Either way, we need to knock down phony barriers and realize we are onto something very profound.

Lighting as a Tool

In the midst of the dark days of winter, you become intimately aware of how light affects mood and disposition. In Feng Shui, different qualities, color, and intensity can be used for specific effect. You know this when a candlelit dinner suggests romance and a dank, dark day suggests crawling into bed with a good book. Using lots of bright light can enliven a party, whereas bright fluorescent lighting can make you want to escape. Some people are actually nauseated by the wrong fourescent bulbs. What’s to learn from this? When buying a lamp, or reducing your electric use by using compact fluorescent bulbs, pay attention to the Kelvin rating of the bulb you want to use. [Kelvin is the temperature of the light ranging from cold to warm.] A good lighting store will have boxes where the same photograph is lit with different lamps. Find the one that you resonate with and use that. All of us are different and respond differently, but it’s worth the time and effort if you’re going to enjoy your home or business, rather than finding yourself in a poor mood.